Short Bargain Hunters

FTLComm - Tisdale - February 15, 1999

As Zellers moves to its final phase of clearing out its existing stock in preparation to becoming aBest Value Store the floor space has been drastically curtailed and concentrating the customers. Over the weekend people have been taking advantage of the reduced prices and have been working their way through the crowded aisles.

It is confusing and difficult for an adult, I wonder what it must be like to be a child in this environment. The shopper on the right looks to me like someone on a mission. This discerning customer is well dressed and is checking out the accessories. Trying to find that "just right" carry-along for school and social occasions.

For the customers on the left, the pressure of the day seems to be wearing on them. Though mom looks severe here, she was nearly done her search and a few minutes after this picture was taken she had her little girl out in the mall on a ride as she relaxed for a minute and the little girl enjoyed the freedom from the cart.

One has to admire kids who go shopping with their parents, for how seldom it is, that you see a child really kicking up a fuss and expressing his or her frustration with consumerism. I encountered this little girl several times during the afternoon in the store as she patiently observed the process and it was her stoic and good natured attitude that prompted me to take these pictures.

Unfortunately I blurred another picture of a third example of child shoppers and in her case she was on foot with her mother and was actively participating in the shopping checking out the items and sticking right with mom through the forest of hanging clothes that must be overwhelming when you are short.