Tisdale Ambulance Care Ltd. relocates
FTLComm - Tisdale - Tuesday, September 28, 2010

This project got under way August 24 when the lot began development with turf being smoothed off and the future building staked out on the ground.

This new site for the ambulance operator is on the of main street opposite Gus’ Greek Ribs and the site once selected to be the home of the Golden Age Centre which later was constructed on the old TUCs site. The present location of the ambulance service is on the corner of New Market directly east of the north entrance to the Tisdale Hospital.

The large new building has three spacious bays for emergency vehicles and a large space for office and facilities for the staff. One interesting feature of the building is that it has been situated on the corn lot kitty-corner rather than square with either streets.

The new building is on a concrete pad but with a very clever and energy efficient feature. West of the new building an array of wells have been dug and plumbed into the floor of the building to afford the building the opportunity to be heated and cooled using geo-thermal technology.

The wood framed building is metal clad and this morning all but the south facing wall had its metal siding in place.