"Have to say it"

Tisdale - Saturday, November 9, 2002 by: Jacki Abrams

I thought I would comment on the story you wrote about our newest business in Tisdale. The last paragraph of your article reads:

"Welcome to A&W and may you learn to be less pushy. (I ordered my teenburger by saying: "I would like a teenburger, NO MUSTARD, and a medium diet root beer." to which the lady at the till, Lisa, replied "Would like fries with that?" I ignored her question and looked around behind me to see if someone else was ordering because I had clearly placed my order and could not understand why she was asking me if I wanted fries.)"

I have to comment on this because as a mom whose daughter has now got her first paying job at this establishment, I "know" why the person at the counter asked you that. Had she not asked you that question she would have been reprimanded by her supervisor.

Part of the training that goes on in any fast food (or retail) establishment is to teach the employees to "sell more" because selling more means more profit. The staff at this particular fast food franchise have been rehearsing how to speak to customers for the past four days and this employee was only doing the job she'd been taught to do. I hope that people who go into A & W can recognize that the staff are only doing what they have been trained to do and that it is no different than when someone at Zellers asks if you'd like to put that on your Zellers account (another sales tactic).

Please be patient with these kids at the counters of any and all fast food restaurants. They are there working hard, learning to be responsible members of our community. We should applaud them and just smile when they ask if we "want fries with that" because they are making more of an effort than those kids that are hanging out on the streets!

I'll step down off of my soapbox now. Thanks for listening!


Jacki Abraham



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