Watch Out For The Fine Print At Burger King

FTLComm - Prince Albert - March 22, 1999
Some time ago Ensign posted in "Tim's Tips" back in January that Burger King had their Junior Whopper for $.99. Now this is a complete hamburger and the price seemed right. On Sunday I thought I would take my own advice and I checkedthe sign and sure enough the promo was still on the window, then on the drive-in order window I checked and sure enough the "Great Tastes Menu" were still there, so I ordered two. When I drove to the pick up window I handed over the $2.19 the man requested and he said, "No that's $3.19" heavy sigh then I asked how can two ninety-nine cent hamburgers cost over three dollars, I thought perhaps restaurant math had kicked in but he said that the price had changed, I protested saying that the sign was the same and he said it had been changed.

So I handed over the money and circled around to check the sign at the order location. This picture does not show the fine print, but indeed the menu still has a ninety-nine cent hamburger, but it is not the Junior Whopper which is now priced at $1.49. Okay, so they have a right to change their menu and indeed from now on, I will make them wait much longer when I order from all drive-in menus, as I check for the fine print. The speakers in these systems were all made to sound like K-Mart public address systems so I have never understood anything from one of these in years and sign language doesn't work with the camera so far away.

What about the burgers, how were these $1.49 delights? Sorry, on a scale of 1 - 10 the Junior Whoppers rate a -1. One was a re-heat, it had been microwaved, lettuce tomato the whole mess and most of the ingredients were not identifiable and the bun was over done so that half of it was a powdered substance. The other was a bit fresher and to cover up the poor ingredients it was smothered in mayo. Splash burgers dripping in fat and calories. Pass on these folks.

Now the issue is how would that hamburger have been if it had cost $.99 instead of $1.49. Well at a dollar it would still tasting the same but the value for product equation would have changed and the burger would have rated higher. But think of it this way, those two Junior Whoppers cost the same as a single "Big Beef" at Tisdale Hannigans and the comparison begins to really tell the tale. For fifty cents more the Hannigans Big Beef is freshly char broiled, its lettuce, tomato and chopped onions are crunchy and crisp, the Hannigans' sauce is not as sweet or sloppy and when you are finished you have had more to eat and are more satisfied then the two nuked slop burgers from the Prince Albert Burger King.