FTLComm - Tisdale - July 26, 2000
The whimsical "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" was fitting for the Montague and the Capulettes but in today's commerical world the name defines both limiting and declaring what the business is all about. Zellers head office decision to downgrade the Weyburn and Tisdale stores to a lower price more restricted product line by changing these stores to "Best Value" seemed to them like a good
idea, at the time. But when  
sales dropped so considerably in both locations it was realised that it is easy to admit a mistake and move on.

Ensign alerted you to this change over some time ago and now things are happening. Best Value specific products are being sold off and returned to the company, the new blue trim of Zeller "Select" has been applied, the store reorganised and last night it was time to change the signs. Just like the last time only now the reverse.

Zellers Select is not going to be a conventional Zellers store because it is set in a rural location it will carry most of the same quality lines as the main stores but will be more restricted because of size and scope.
The process of transistion is  
well under way with the actual change scheduled for August 6. A staff of temporary workers are on hand to get all the work done but at the same time the store is hiring more staff to meet the expected increase of business that will come with the return to the original name.

Even visiting the store today you will see the re-establishment of specific and complete departments with much more extensive product lines to be a real department store. The shoe department has been set up but has not stock in place but this is a real necessity inTisdale to have a store
with a complete line of

If you look close in this picture you will note that the tractor operator is the store manager.

shoes. The Saan store has some footwear as do a couple of other stores in town but a full line of footwear in a single store has been missing since Zeller changed over to Best Value.

It is interesting to note that yesterday in Winnipeg the new store operated by Sears using the "Eatons" name began recruiting staff in Winnipeg as eight Eatons stores will reopen in major metropolitan areas across the country but not in Saskatchewan. The ripple affect of Wal Mart continues to flutter through the retail market as patterns and consumer demands redefine the industry.