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Some Christmas lights
Thursday, December 20, 2017
by: Timothy W. Shire
Decorating for Christmas has a long tradition in Tisdale and there are few blocks in the town that do not have at least a few houses and yards decorated. The tricky problem is when to catch them with the lights on, so I can share pictures of these fine looking displays. Though many home owners only turn their lights on during the evening, I took all of the pictures on this page just at supper time Wednesday, December 19. Just after sun set is the best combination of light to capture images of Christmas decorations.
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The picture at the top of the page and on the front of Ensign is a remarkable display in that the large house is on a corner lot with nothing to obscure viewing the lights and displays.

Each year John Bob puts up a fully dressed display and this year is no exception. Their neighbour, the Co-op, did up a bin and auger but I didn’t get a good shot to share with you.
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The picture above in the New Market area is outstanding use of a light system that really features the house they are on.

This house (right) has a modest display of lights but its darkened location and the strategically located moon caught my eye and made this image stand out.
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The use of air filled lawn ornaments has continued to be very popular but this house (above) has really gone all out with a large collection of lawn decorations and lights both.

The house on the right has seen the use of lights and just a dark space on the house to produce a dramatic image.
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The house above which is on a raised corner lot has both tree side light up with lawn figures. It covers a lot of space and I couldn’t do it justice in a single frame.

Projections have become very popular and I only took a few shots which included these as part of the whole yard decoration. This one (right) worked on the trees as well as the house.
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Every year the house above is tastefully coloured and this year the contrasting hues really make for a dramatic image.

The image on the right and below is of the same yard and the owners here have gone to a lot of trouble with a lot of lights, characters and a projection to produce a pretty fabulous display.
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