FTLComm - Tisdale - October 14, 1999
When the doors opened this morning at 9:00 parking around St. Matthew's Anglican Church was in short supply as bargain hunters came out in droves to shop at one of the community's biggest and definitely best organised garage sales. The spring sale brought in $3,500 and the size of this fall sale and the quality of the products available should surpase that amount by one third.

This really a big sale with the dozen or more volunteers having stocked the church hall with goods on hangers,
tables and under tables. The clothing available is of all sizes and the quality is exceptional. There is no doubt about the abundance of bargains available.

In the picture at the top of the page you can see that there is a huge selection of books, records and assorted materials.

On the right you can see the hard ware section which included everything from trinkets and ornaments to practical useful dishes and appliances. Hidden among these treasures are some antiques and the hub cap from a 1956 Ford truck.

The picture below right gives you a closer look at the kind of items that are included in this sale and this four foot
span includes an amazing
number and variety of products.

The church uses this project to provide itself with extra income and at the same time gives its members an opportunity to clean out the garage and get rid of items that are no longer needed and others might be able to put to a good use. At the conclusion of the sale, which runs for today, Friday and Saturday, those items not sold will be transferred to the Salvation Army.

One big feature of this sale are a some outstanding house plants and bags of vegitables including individually wrapped monster patatoes (about the size of a small loaf of bread) at ten cents each.
Next door in the garage is
a wide selection of furniture including at least one sofa which had not yet been delivered. This picture shows shelving, several stereo systems, two televsion stands and an assortment of other home furnishings.

This garage sale has its own toy department with stuffed animals and a huge amount of commerical toys as well as a few special antiques tucked in here and there.

If you are near Tisdale drop by the sale and enjoy the good company as well as the bargains sitting on or under every table.