Combining begins
FTLComm - Bjorkdale - Monday, August 30, 2010

We drove out to Weekes and back on Friday, August 27 and it was interesting to see that most Canola crops had already been swathed or were in the process of being swathed but it was not unusual to come across a couple of Canola crops still in flower. The size of the swath in the Weekes area is about twice the size of the slim swathes in the Tisdale area.

Most wheat and barley crops look to have never been planted or have already been ploughed under.

One field west of Bjorkdale was in the process of being seeded and we saw several winter crops already up.

We saw a lot of hay either cut or already baled and despite so many fallow field the country side has the look of fall with some bush turning brown.

One startling field was between Carrigana and Somme where the high wheel sprayer tracks are still laying in water.

The pictures here came from the area east of Bjorkdale where the land is very hilly and the combine was walking through a light Canola swath with lots of dust.

Despite the crop situation for this year with so much of the land that will produce no income this year farmers seem in good spirits and there are some signs that there are still production from last year in the bins about to be shipped at an every increasing price.