Things are wet
FTLComm - Tisdale - Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This picture was taken of a field about three miles west of Tisdale from highway #3 on Saturday, September 11. Most fields in the immediate Tisdale area are very wet and rural roads are best avoided until there is a chance for them to get a little warmth and sun shine. Warmth and sun shine are in very short supply with frost warnings fro tonight and tomorrow night. Environment Canada is calling for more rain on Thursday.

It should not have been a surprise to discover that the little Doghide river is running full today and the north end of the Riverside Golf club is under water. Even a moderate rain now causes water to form on the surface of fields and flat areas simply because the water table is just below the surface and many people have expressed concern that with a water table this high planting conditions for next spring will be a repeat of this year. Another issue occurs with the ground becoming super saturated with water. When winter comes and all that water freezes road surfaces are wrecked. With Tisdale’s streets already about as bad as a civilised community can have things will not get much worse but rural roads and highways will suffer from frost boils with a water table this high.

With the town of Tisdale growing with nearly twenty new construction projects each and every year the town has to plan ahead and develop sub divisions for future development. All along Heritage road the area has been surveyed for new lots and the area on the north end of Newmarket to the east earth moving equipment has removed and piled the surface top soil from a field in preparation for the installation of water and sewer lines so that streets can be laid in and new lots made available for future housing. This picture shows the field where the work has been carried out and of course a new shallow pond was immediately created.

Meanwhile the little harvest of 2010 is at a complete standstill. The cold and rain have stopped the already late cereal crops from maturing and turning from green to gold. The Canola in the area has mostly been swathed and field after field are just laying there degrading. But, with so much of the farm land growing only weeds this year many farmers are stalled in the process of tilling the fields in preparation for next year.