Waiting for the showers to stop

FTLComm - Tisdale - Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This tractor and SeedHawk air seeding system have already completed a little more than one third of the field that the equipment is sitting in but the persistent light showers that began on the weekend and have piddled along day after day have kept the wheels from turing.

Unlike last year where the temperature made early planting useless this year the soil has warmed up and even with the rain the temperatures have remained surprisingly pleasant and just a glimmer of sunlight will mean that the seeding process will go from one farm or two jumping out on the land but the whole country side will erupt into a flurry of agricultural frenzy.

Last Thursday we saw a farmer between Star City and Melfort making that first round with a cultivator around a large stubble field, clearly the fields have dried up enough and it is very hard to find any snow anywhere. It has simply been warm enough to get the land ready for planting. Environment Canada is calling for very light rain showers for Thursday and Friday and sunshine for the weekend and Monday before a 40% chance of showers on next Tuesday. It will be remarkable the amount of the country side will be seeded this weekend. The quantity of rain that has fallen has been very light just enough to prevent working in the field so the winds tomorrow and Friday even with a few more showers will see excellent seeding conditions.