Full swing

FTLComm - Tisdale - Thursday, May 13, 2010

Farming in this part of Saskatchewan with unobstructed view for miles and miles it certainly seems like a giant switch has been thrown as it looks almost as if there was a tractor in every field. It really is an optical illusion but on all quadrants this afternoon just outside of town a plume of dust was visible as the agriculture industry got to work.

Not all of the dust was coming from seeding as I found one outfit was a tractor pulling a huge harrow system but that seemed to be an exception as the other field work had the distinctive configuration of seeding equipment.

Though all fields will have some low spots the drying has been very effective as in these pictures you can see the dust and the absence of mud on the tires. The light wind and 24ºC sunlit day is the start of a week of such weather but prudent farmers will try to keep their equipment in the fields round the clock just in case the weather turns wet once more.

Though golf carts will not be useable tomorrow, Tisdale's Riverside Golf Course is open for business starting Friday. With the recent wet weather some of the course was under water for a second time this year but it also has dried out enough for players not engaged in harming to get out and get their golf game into full swing.