Making money is not creating wealth
Mr. Premier Romanow

By Mario deSantis, February 8 2000


  Our government is out of touch with people and is continuing with economic policy directions
we create wealth when we are all participants
of our economic system
based on shifting the blame, based on more and more consulting studies, and based on saving
money. Our politicians have no understanding whatsoever about the difference between creating
wealth and making money at the expense of others. Creation of wealth occurs when more services
and products are delivered to satisfy people's needs with the result of having healthier
communities. It means that when we create wealth we become freer from materialistic needs,
we strive to become more educated, we are healthier, we become more responsible for ourselves,
we voluntary observe the law, we have more harmonious relationships in the communities we
live, we care for others, we can enjoy our natural amenities without fear of being poisoned by
the polluting residuals of our industries. In few words, we create wealth when we are all
  participants of our economic system, where we all feel happier and build on continuous small
  successes for all.
  We make money at the expense of others when we compete in an economy without any concern
governmental drive to become
global supersedes
for the social health of local communities. We make money at the expense of others when we
disregard our fellow man(1), when we indiscriminately invoke either the Rule of Law(2) or the
written word(3), when we socialize costs by polluting the environment(4), when we try to solve
problems either by chronically saving money(5) or by banking on the flops of gigantic projects(6),
when we build a Synchrotron in Saskatoon as the students of the local university face higher
tuition(7), when we don't care of the plight of our farmers(8)(9), when the governmental drive to
  become global supersedes the interests of the local communities(10).
  Our healthcare system is in a mess, our education system is not adequate, many of our farmers
This is not democracy are in desperate conditions, our highways are crumbling, 40% of our children live in such poor
conditions that they are at risk of doing poorly in school, our juvenile crime rate is the highest
in Canada. There is no doubt, this government is directing economic policies on behalf of the
few and privileged, and in the process is becoming more and more alienated from the people.
  This is not democracy Mr. Premier Romanow.


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