Democracy and Human Rights in Saskatchewan

By Mario deSantis, February 24, 2000

is rampant, racism is endemic,
We have written many articles on social and economic issues affecting Saskatchewan and we
came to the conclusion that our political, bureaucratic and economic environment is corrupted
to the extent to include our police forces and justice systems(1). That is corruption is rampant,
racism is endemic, and the economic direction of this government has been focused on behalf
of the few and privileged(2) with the result that our people are divided(3) and our children
are being deprived of their lives(4).

Our country
is divided socially, economically, geographically, and politically.

Our government has taken no responsibility for any social and economic problems affecting
the province, and in a natural fashion typical of an inept leadership, has been blaming the
federal government for the crisis in healthcare, the crisis in farming, the crisis in education
and the crisis in research funding. The federal government in turn has not performed that
better either, and the recent Human Resources Development Canada-HRDC scandal(5) has
deepened our cynicism against our politicians and has prompted journalist Marie-Josee
Kravis to say "how can we trust a government that is not responsible(6)" We cannot trust
our governments, we cannot trust our police forces, we cannot trust the justice system, we
are only left in trusting ourselves. Our country is divided socially, economically,
geographically, and politically. Therefore, even the electoral democratic process will not
be enough to remedy this state of alienation among people and their governments(7).
there is no democracy when you cannot find remedies When governments not only don't take responsibilities for their mishandling and
misappropriation of public money but they are proud of it, when police forces and
the justice systems are corrupted, and when our own people are divided, then our
democracy becomes a farce. And, there is no democracy when you cannot find remedies
to correct the continuous breaking of our social and private contracts.
The roots for the disintegration of our social fabric are multiple, and in this respect I would
like you, readers, to ponder the widespread philosophies of "not rocking the boat(8)" or
"what's in it for me(9)" and the corporate philosophy of "management by intimidation(10)(11)".
But what is worse is the continuation of the widespread juridical philosophy of negating
human rights(12) to our citizens while hypocritically preaching them in the United Nations.
rights are fundamental rights to be defended
I am a simple man as everybody else, and as a simple man I acquire a better understanding
of my experiences when I continuously think and reflect about them. Therefore, I would
like you to think about the deep implications of the statement made by former Saskatchewan
prosecutor and MLA Serge Kujawa "It doesn't matter if Milgaard is innocent... The whole
judicial system is at issue, it is worth more than one person(13)" No Mr. Kujawa, it mattered
that Milgaard was innocent, and as a simple man I can tell you, your colleague Premier Roy
Romanow(14), and all your friends of the legal community, that human rights are fundamental
rights to be defended by any whole judicial system.
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