The two primary needs of health reform:

independence of the districts & the booting out of hoodlums

Nipawin - April 7, 2000 - By: Mario deSantis


I have had some reservations about the writing accountability of Murray Mandryk, but today I
have made my opinion, he is a hypocrite. In his article "Where will health-care dialogue end?(1)
" he makes reference to Premier Roy Romanow's call for a provincial and national dialogue
"about the way that health care and medicare should look into the 21st century." Mandryk states
that Premier Romanow would be the best candidate to lead the eventual national dialogue since
he is a social democrat politician from the birthplace of medicare. It appears that Mandryk assesses
the abilities of people exclusively by the clothes they wear. As I am concerned, an incompetent
asset(2) is an incompetent asset no matter the clothes he wears, be a social democrat or otherwise.
And as health care and medicare should look into the 21st century, Saskatchewan Health has
already pictured its vision based on the disastrous and secretive implementation of the new
technologies, the Saskatchewan Health Information Network (SHIN) and Telehealth(3).

their own agendas

Premier Romanow wants a dialogue, but does he know what a dialogue is? If I refer to his past
performance as an uncostitutional premier(4) I must say that he doesn't know what a dialogue is.
A dialogue is only a dialogue if all the participants are able to express their feelings and their
understandings, and if all the participants are able to reach a higher level of understanding and
transform themselves in reaching a shared understanding. Our leadership doesn't know what a
dialogue is, what they know is just to push through their own agendas, to use the so called
specialists to solve problems(5), and then, when a convoluted mess is created such as the one in
health care they become democratic and say "here we are, we are going to have a dialogue with
our public, tell us what to do, we are going to listen to you and we are going to do what you

have been excluded purposely from health reform

This is democracy for Premier Romanow, a democracy which arises from the failures of a health
care system he has created himself, a system which is failing all over Canada for the specific reason
that it is mismanaged by our politicians(6), by our reductionist researchers(7), by our health
economists(8), by our political scientists(9), by our health care associations(10), by any other
spin-doctor. Have you ever heard of any medical doctor or of any nurse being involved in health
reform? No, they have been excluded purposely from health reform; the doctors have been
excluded since they have been perceived as the creators of health care misspending, the nurses
have been excluded since they work closely to their patients and therefore they cannot understand
  double entry accounting.

SHIN and the bean counters

Certainly we need a dialogue, but we don't need a dialogue set up by either Premier Romanow
or Minister of Health, Pat Atkinson. The Saskatchewan Party has been calling for a complete,
independent and immediate value-for-money-audit of the health care system for two years. And
we don't need this value-for-money-audit either for finding out what is wrong in our health care
system. Ernst & Young stated that the development of the Saskatchewan Health Information
Network (SHIN) would result in saving of at least $58 million per year(11), well, what happened
to SHIN and the bean counters? SHIN has been a complete disaster, and the bean counters are
  still counting their money in the bank.


I tell you what is wrong in the health care system to day. It is not the public or private health care
issue, it is not the charging of user fees, it is not the de-listing of services such as ultrasound and
MRI, the primary problem of the failing health care system is that it is corrupted and therefore

districts have never been independent agencies

I am going to give you two examples of health care corruption in Saskatchewan. In Saskatchewan,
the Districts Health Act was created to establish independent health care districts and give back the
management of health care to the people and their communities. The districts were created, but the
districts became puppets of the government and puppets of the Saskatchewan Association of Health
Organizations (SAHO). The government, the districts, and SAHO, they all are corrupted and they
have been breaking the law(12)(13) all along just for the simple reason that the districts have never
been independent agencies(14) as asked by the District Health Act.

hiring, harassing and firing

The other example refers to a situation where a Labour Relations Consultant with SAHO physically
participated in the wrongful dismissal of a management employee at a health district(15). This
management employee was dismissed without forewarning, was told that the position was eliminated
immediately because of health reform, and was told to vacate the premises. The saga of this corrupted
behaviour of SAHO is not unique, and it is repeated as these labour relations consultants behave like
hoodlums in assisting the districts in the hiring, harassing and firing of management people. This is
happening in my district, in your district, in everybody's district and therefore we continue to suffer
the anxieties that our family's members may become, once again, the victims of these health care

We don't need a dialogue

We don't need a dialogue on health care at this time Premier Romanow. What we need today is the
independence of the districts and the booting out of the hoodlums working for SAHO or for any
other health care agency.
  Quote by Donella Meadows "challenging a paradigm is not a part-time job. It is not sufficient to make your point once and then blame the world for not getting it. The world has a vested interest in, a commitment to, not getting it. The point has to be made patiently and repeatedly, day after day after day"
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The documentation of SAHO's labour relations consultants behaving as hoodlums is kept confidential at this time of writing.

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