The fight against No-Fault Insurance is a fight for our Freedom

Attend the Public Forum at the Saskatoon Public Library on May 13, 2000

Nipawin - May 10, 2000 - By: Mario deSantis

motivational psychology theories

I came across no-fault insurance issues facing Saskatchewan only superficially and I really got
upset about Dr. Cassidy's recent research supporting no-fault insurance because this researcher
partially based his findings on motivational psychology theories(1). Dr. Cassidy says that a
system which allows people to sue forces them to focus on their injuries, instead of on getting
better. And this is why injured people recover twice as fast from whiplash and related traffic
injuries if they cannot sue for pain and suffering. I am not going to dwell on the integrity of the
research methodology used by Dr. Cassidy to support his conclusion that no-fault is superior to
the tort system(2).

defraud the people

What I am concerned here is the continuous manipulation of numbers by this government and
their contracted researchers and business consultants to defraud the people of this province
under the economic banner of saving money(3). Dr. Cassidy's research is another attempt by
this government to constraint our individual rights, and play with their astute phoniness(4).
Dr. Cassidy's conclusion that no-fault is better than the tort system is as far fetched as the
thought that we can solve the challenges of a new economy either by learning how to write
better resumes or by continuously improving the quality of our ancient products and services.

$1.5 million

Only recently I have found out that Dr. Cassidy's research was supported by a research fund
of $1.5 million granted by SGI, and therefore we can easily understand where Dr. Cassidy's
loyalties reside: the almighty dollar, and with it SGI and this government.

Lorie Terry

Last week, I became aware of the organization The Coalition Against No Fault(5) and since
then I visited their educative web site and read the article "Folly to accept SGI theory on cure
for pain(6)." Yesterday, I talked on the phone with Lorie Terry, a member of the Coalition
Against No Fault, and I was amazed by her exuberance in carrying on the fight against no-fault
insurance in Saskatchewan. Lorie invited me to attend the public forum on no-fault to be held
at the Saskatoon Public Library on May 13, and I am sorry I cannot be there. If you have time
don't miss the opportunity to attend this forum and listen to outstanding good people. It is not
only a matter of no-fault insurance, it is a matter of our freedom.
  Quote by Donella Meadows "challenging a paradigm is not a part-time job. It is not sufficient to make your point once and then blame the world for not getting it. The world has a vested interest in, a commitment to, not getting it. The point has to be made patiently and repeatedly, day after day after day"
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Coalition Against No Fault In Saskatchewan, Box 24007, 240 Albert Street, Regina, Saskatchewan S4R 8R8, (306)546-4424


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