Premier Roy Romanow:
a Magician? a Saviour? a Cheater?

Nipawin - July 14, 2000 - By: Mario deSantis

misappropriating public funds

We live in difficult times, here in Saskatchewan, and whenever we realize that our own government
breaks the law then we don't know whom to believe anymore. We must understand that the truth is
not an absolute entity, instead, the truth is nothing else but the sharing of our perceptions as we
reflect to our living experiences. I knew by a long time that the health care system was corrupted.
And you know why? Because our leaders were misappropriating public funds(1). But my
perception was not shared by anybody else, so since my perception of people misappropriating
money is not shared by other people then my perception is not the truth for other people.

not shared

Whenever in the Spring of 1997 I wrote to Stevie Cameron and provided her with some
information regarding the Saskatchewan health care environment, she stated that "the picture you
paint of what is occurring in the Saskatchewan health care system is a harrowing one, and if I
were still working as full-time investigative journalist I would be keen to assist you in your
investigations(2)." At that time, the fact that the health care system was corrupted was not shared
by many people and therefore it was not true that the health care system was corrupted.

the health care system is corrupted

Today, the perception that the health care system is corrupted is shared by many people, and
therefore it is true that the health care system is corrupted. I sound very repetitive, but it is in the
repetition of our thoughts that we make sense of our world and of our truths. Therefore, take my
KISS (Keep It Simple and Stupid) approach as an opportunity to reflect, pause on our own
experiences and learn.

didn't trust

Premier Roy Romanow has been hailed as a great leader of national stature who was able to put
the house in order and have a new prosperous beginning for all the people of Saskatchewan. This
has been the perception of the people of Saskatchewan until 1998, that is we have perceived him
as a great leader superior to his predecessor Grant Devine(3). Then, in the Fall of 1999 we had the
elections and Premier Romanow's party didn't get the majority of the votes. That is, the electorate
had been reflecting on his leadership and voted him down. The electorate didn't trust him anymore.

saviour of Medicare

In 1998 I started to write political and educational articles in Ensign and I began to realize that
Premier Romanow was not sincere in his governmental leadership and therefore I labelled him
as a magician(4). However, Premier Romanow has still a strong following with the CUPE people
and they perceive him as the protector and saviour of Medicare(5).

has been cheating

Few days ago, I found out that the last inflation-adjusted after-tax personal incomes per capita of
Canadians are still almost 5 per cent below the levels recorded at the beginning of the decade(6).
Therefore, I felt that this government has been cheating the people of Saskatchewan when they
have been trumpeting a steady economic growth since they took office in 1991. I am asking the
question: is Premier Romanow a Magician, or a Saviour or a Cheater?

unconstitutional law

The truth is nothing else but shared perceptions and I made up my mind. You may have different
perceptions but I just want to remind you that Premier Romanow has stated not long ago that
-people are working in one of the most progressive labour climates in North America... That's the Saskatchewan we've built together -- now let's keep on building(7)!
However, it is a fact that SaskPower employees were locked out and that the government passed
an unconstitutional law against Saskatchewan nurses.

worst system
in Canada

-Second, we can be proud of the progress we've made in renewing health care. I can say, without fear of contradiction, that our health-care system continues to be the model for our nation... Let's keep on building!
However, we know that health care has become a gambling casino and one of the worst system in

schools and universities are deteriorating

-The future lies in our children, and in their schools and this government stands behind our children and their schools!... Let's keep on building!
However, many of our children are so poor that they are at risk of getting an education, and the
quality of our schools and universities are deteriorating.

highways to gravel

-We've already committed $2.5-billion over 10 years into highways, the economic and cultural lifelines of rural Saskatchewan... Let's keep on building!
However, the reality is that this government is planning to turn rural paved highways to gravel

crime rate

-Fifth, we have taken important steps in building safe, secure communities. Lately, we've been hearing a lot about Young Offenders. Well, we're committed to dealing firmly with the small handful of young people who repeatedly offend, or who commit violent crimes... Let's keep on building!
However, Saskatchewan has the highest juvenile crime rate in North America.

highest infant mortality rate

-I'm so proud of the progress we're making towards eliminating poverty in this province... Getting people into jobs, not throwing them into the streets... Let's keep building!
However, we have the highest infant mortality rate of any other province and we have the highest
concentration of teenage prostitutes in Canada walking the streets of Saskatoon and Regina.
  Premier Romanow, it is enough of your Let's keep building!
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