Honourable Dwain Lingenfelter:
Love for money stronger than love for politics

Nipawin - July 15, 2000 - By: Mario deSantis
  Today we have confirmation that our socialist Honourable Dwain Lingenfelter has accepted an executive position with Canadian Occidental Petroleum (CanOxy). Dwain Lingenfelter will be making some $250,000 per year and in rationalizing his hiring, John McWilliams, a vice-president with Calgary-based CanOxy, has stated "We are a socially minded company... It's a cultural fit. He's sophisticated and very well grounded, much like we are here."
  Our Honourable Dwain Lingenfelter will leave behind one of the healthiest constituency associations in the entire province with about 400 members -- the highest membership of any urban NDP riding -- and at least $40,000 in its bank account. After his government put so many teenage prostitutes on the streets of Regina, Dwain Lingenfelter is expected to pay back to the community some of these $40,000 and establish a scholarship fund for underprivileged youth in his riding.
  So the saga of being politically left or politically right continues while our socialists look after themselves and throw crumbs out of compassion for the poor.
  CanOxy hires Lingenfelter, by Murray Mandryk, The Leader-Post, July 14, 2000, Regina, Saskatchewan
  Who cares of being left or right, by Mario deSantis, July 4, 2000