Doug Elliot's indicators
of economic reality are not validated

Nipawin - July 22, 2000, by: Mario deSantis

radical changes

We have been advocating for some time radical changes in our way of thinking, so that knowledge, creativity and innovation would become the most important ingredients of our socio-economic system. We have a lot of work to do in this regard, and I will never stop to point out the current misconception about reality by some of our top statisticians.

statistician, Doug Elliot

After exposing the fraudulent research on no-fault insurance by Dr. David Cassidy, we have today another statistician, Doug Elliot, who rather than listening to the stories of people, deciphers both statistical numbers and the public mood for his living, and for our misfortune. Elliot says that he uses "the most up-to-date statistics from the 15 most relevant indicators" to assess the province's performance.

gloom-and-doom mentality

Most of these up-to-date statistics refer to how these economic indicators have been changing in the last year, and Elliot states that "13 of them seem to indicate that things in Saskatchewan are pretty good right now." However, Elliot adds that we have here in Saskatchewan a "permanent gloom-and-doom mentality... even when 87 per cent of the economic indicators are favourable."

reality is not reflected

Further, Elliot laments that the public is not focusing on the positives especially now when the government is on course for the largest tax cut in the province's history. What Elliot is saying is that reality is not reflected in the mood of people.

education... and demographic shifts

In our supposed knowledge economy Elliot's economic indicators fail to include the most important long term sociological statistics, that is education of our population and demographic shifts. Also, Elliot's complain that we are not focusing on the positives reminds me of Dr. Cassidy's fallacy that no-fault insurance is a better system since injured people focus on getting healthier rather than on suing for damages. And as the largest tax cut is concerned, I have no trust that this overall tax cut will ever occur as long as the present economic direction for the few and privileged is maintained.

people's realities are more relevant

The reality portrayed by Elliot's economic indicators are not validated in the realities of our people, and people's realities are more relevant than the reality portrayed by statistical numbers.
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