The system is not more worth
than one person's rights

Nipawin - July 27, 2000 - by : Mario deSantis

cookbook type of medicine

Last night, I read Dr. Bob Russel's transcripts of his presentation to the SGI's Review
Panel of no-fault motor vehicle insurance(1). In his presentation, Dr. Russel states that
SGI provides cookbook type of medicine and treatment to injured people and that there
are SGI's adjusters who have an attitudinal problem by assuming their injured clients are

breaking human rights

We know that SGI has been breaking human rights against their injured clients by
systemically harassing them by denying benefits, by providing wrong treatments, by
making false statements, and by putting them under surveillance(2). SGI has a monopolistic
insurance market in Saskatchewan and their administrative and legislative system resembles
one of tyranny and dictatorship where the system is more important of the individual and
where individual rights are infringed upon for the sake of maintaining the system.

It doesn't

In essence, in Saskatchewan, we have a leadership who carry in their brains a mausoleum
mentality. We must break down Premier Roy Romanow's myth that the system is more
worth than individual rights. The system is not more worth than the individual, and former
Saskatchewan prosecutor Serge Kujawa was wrong when back in 1991 he said
"It doesn't matter if Milgaard is innocent... The whole judicial system is at issue-it's worth more than one person(3)."

free DNA

Therefore, today, I am pleased to hear that in Southern California, prosecutors plan to take
the unprecedented step of offering free DNA tests to some inmates, even though the results
might overturn convictions(4). The pursuit of justice is beyond the prosecutors' interest to
seek a conviction at any cost or to wrongly convict people. And Lisa Weinreb, a deputy
district attorney in San Diego, has stated
"We hope we don't find anybody who was wrongfully convicted. If we do, we're going to take some heat. So be it. It's more important that we make sure nobody has been wrongfully convicted."
This is a quite a different perspective of justice as interpreted and sustained by former
prosecutor Serge Kujawa and his friend and colleague Premier Roy Romanow.

individual freedom

The system is not more worth than one person's rights. And let us hope that our leadership
and government will be able to understand this new paradigm of thinking and make the
needed changes to give us back our own individual freedom and specifically a democratic
automobile insurance system.


Transcripts of DR. R. RUSSELL , DR. D. CASSIDY, and DR. P. COTE at the PIPP review hearings, June 15, 2000


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Inmates will be offered free DNA tests, Daily Briefing, 27 Jul 2000 02:22:31 MDT