Going back to the gold standard
with SGI's researches

Nipawin - August 5, 2000 - By: Mario deSantis

claim closure

In the article "The system is not more worth than one person's rights(1)" I have been
emphasizing the strong and skewed social role of our leadership. And today, I am
reflecting on how the mausoleum mentality of our leadership has influenced the
work of Dr. P. Cote in finding out the statistical association between claim closure
and health recovery for Dr. David Cassidy's study on no-fault insurance(2).

standard methods

In his presentation to the Personal Injury Protection Plan (PIPP) Review Committee,
Dr. Cote explains the scientific approach he used to determine the association
between claim closure and recovery(3). He states that this approach included a study
of Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) claimants because
"Saskatchewan is a nice province. There's one million residents.
There's one insurance company."
Also, he states that
"the health status must be measured with accurate questions.
Asking someone in research are you better... is not useful...
So what I'd like to emphasize now is that what I'm presenting
is truly the story of the people who gave us data... Then the
data must be analyzed with gold standard methods."

there is
no 'gold standard'

Dr. Cote's scientific approach to determine the association between claim closure and
recovery has no common sense since it is ridiculous to measure the health status of
claimants with accurate questions when the same health status is not an absolute entity
and it is not necessarily supported with physical evidence; it is ridiculous to present the
story of the people who gave the data when these same people have been abused and
taken away their human rights; it is ridiculous to analyze the data with gold standard
methods, when there is no 'gold standard' either in today's knowledge economy(4)(5) or
in statistical research(6).

gave him

My concluding comment to Dr. Cote's presentation is that he has a mind set going
back to the gold standard and it cannot be otherwise when you think that the nice
province of Saskatchewan gave him gold: over one million dollars to entertain this


The system is not more worth than one person's rights, by Mario deSantis, July 27, 2000


The Incredible Abuse of Saskatchewan No-Fault Insurance, by Mario deSantis, May 31, 2000


Transcipts of DR. R. RUSSELL , DR. D. CASSIDY, and DR. P. COTE at the PIPP review hearings http://www.angelfire.com/nf/coalitionagainstnf/PIPP.htm


An excerpt from Intellectual Capital, by Thomas Stewart, Doubleday/Currency, March 1997, page 15: "Money has been changing from a standard unit of value--a fixed and limited asset, a substantial and absolute truth--into something ethereal, volatile, and electronic... Money is now an image"


The New Economy and reflections on the meeting of August 10/98 with Timothy (Tim) Shire, by Mario deSantis, August 16/98


Famous quote by Albert Einstein "Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted"
  The picture with today's article show the true gold standard of a sunset as seen Thursday August 3rd East of Neepawa, Manitoba.