High Tech businesses Associated Information Management and Medisolution:
A puzzling entry into the Saskatchewan Health Care market

Nipawin - September 9, 2000 - by: Mario deSantis


A few days ago, I came across the surprising news that the business Associated Information
Management (AIM) was hosting a web site called MediSolution delivering everything from
accessing patient records to paying bills(1).



surface out of nowhere

Jim Ramsay, official with AIM, says the service is affordable to cash-strapped health
districts, health service providers and first nations groups(2). How this business can
surface out of nowhere when we have a crown corporation called SHIN (Saskatchewan
Health Information Network) is quite a mystery.



tacit consent of the Minister

SHIN was given $40 million to develop a province wide health information network
where health care agencies would be able to share medical records, and as at today we
don't know what this crown corporation has been up(3). The projects currently listed
by SHIN don't include any partnership with either AIM or MediSolution(4). Further,
Saskatchewan health care districts have been the puppets of this government and as a
consequence the entry of this web site into the governmental health care market can
have occurred only with the tacit consent of the Minister of Health Pat Atkinson.



patient records

What is more puzzling is that this web site would allow districts and health providers
to share their patient records and at this time I don't have confirmation that The Health
Information Protection Act has been proclaimed to be effective(5).


MediSolution signs $2.5-million contract to launch Internet-based technology to bring better health care to Saskatchewan communities and First Nations reserves http://micro.newswire.ca/releases/September2000/06/c1114.html/84663-0


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  MediSolutions corporate webs site.
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  This Alberta press release describes the use of the software from MediSolutions
  This March document explains what MediSolutions is and how it works.
  The client download page for MediSolutions (editor's note: this site and its software are microsoft based that would make its security level on a scale of 1 to 10 about a "2".)
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