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Plymouth Fury, 1958

Date: 9/2803 10:10AM and 10/1/03 1:44AM
From: Butch & Dot <butch-dot@gci.net>
To: Timothy Shire <timothy@ftlcomm.com>

I'm curious why you talk about the 57-58 Plymouth Fury and then show pictures of a 60 Fury?

I was just on the web looking for 57-58 plymouth furys and came upon your article about the fury. The article had a number of pics of a 60 ply. fury. not a bad looking car,black&white. but no mention of the pictured car in the text. just curious. I should mention that I owned two 57 furys and one 58 fury, which was all original when I bought it used. I still kick myself for selling it.

Mr. Ribs: review

Date: 9/29/03 4:10PM
From: Marla Ives <marsbars32@hotmail.com>
To: Timothy Shire <timothy@ftlcomm.com>

I was shocked to read a web page about Mr.Ribs, that is right just with one B.

You are suppose to be promoting places in Tisdale ,but you are definatly not doing that. Mr.Ribs is a new business in Tisdale and is trying to survive they need everyones support!

This restaurant opened it's doors, and what a big surprise, IT"S SMOKE FREE!!!

Sweet Aroma isn't, besides, sweet aroma has a drab look to it, and Mr. Ribs has a young, fantastic look about it.

Wether you get crackers with soup or not doesn't matter, ask if you can get some!!! You should be happy about the fries, besides if a sandwich comes without fries, it's a big rip!!! Oh, and another thing, ask for ice in your water, don't be such a big wimp, ask for ice water!!

A person such as yourself should be out promoting places like Mr.Ribs.

They have taken that lot to new heights that business has had 3 past owners in a row that have gone out of business after the first month. We are peoud to have a new restaurant and not eat at the same places over and over again.

It is important to take pride in Tisdale! Thank-you for your time.

Editor's reply:

Marla any quick look over my web sites and you will find I have promoted business after business in Tisdale, all 100% free of charge. But people expect me to be honest.

The menu at Mr. Ribs is high price, low value.

I reviewed a meal and told you exactly what I got and why I objected.

When I find something that should be fairly reported I do it and know that readers appreciate my opinion but are, as you are, perfectly within your right to have your opinion.

The smoke free bit is a real plus, you are absolutely right, I have never eaten at Nibblers because the atmosphere (smoke) is not safe, it makes me cough.

To be a good place to eat it needs more than a smoke free environment. It needs good food at a reasonable price with good service. Mr. Ribs failed me on all three counts.

Day of Defeat

Date: 9/29/03 8:18AM
From: Mark-Alan Whittle <mwhittle@mountaincable.net>
To: Timothy Shire <timothy@ftlcomm>

What a great way to keep the memory and honor of our fighting men fresh in the minds of today's children.

The graphics are fantastic, great work and a good read.

SCOGOE says NO-GO or GO-Slow or Now-Go to bureaucracy

Date: 9/28/03 11:10AM
From: Victor Cote <vic.yve@sasktel.net>
To: Timothy Shire <timothy@ftlcomm.com>

Horray we do have somthing of a watchdog in ottawa which I did not know about. I hope the have a little clout at least and don't get muzzeld by our esteemed and arrogant liberals. Also our gov.genarl needs to be brought down a notch or two to our level, someone who chooses our country and becomes highspender and high handed is not a favorite in my book.

Victor Cote

Aggressive Testing

Date: 9/21/03 10:29PM
From: Don and Lori Vickery <dlvic@sasktel.net>
To: Timothy Shire <timothy@ftlcomm.com>

Dear Sir,

I was just wondering, after reading your article about Aggresive Testing in Tisdale, how your quote of:
"he was driving slow and maintained a half block to a one block separation."
was made possible. In your article, you state that the driver was going faster than 40 Km and driving erratically. How is it possible that you were not, and yet able to maintain your "safe" distance?
Just seems a little contradictory to me.

A curious reader.

Editor:Yeah, sorry about that, the explanation seems like an obvious contraction however there is some geography involved. The whole of Tisdale is really only about six blocks North and South and three blocks East and West. This allowed me to simple guess where he was going and move there. As you see in the picture at the top of the page I am photographing them from the side as they had gone a block North, a block East and a block South while I only went a block East. Thatís a 3/1 ratio of speed and time as to distance.

Cassiar British Columbia

DATE: 2/09/03 9:18PM
From: Paula Lake
To: Timothy Shire

Hello Timothy,
I am writing to you from Southern California.
I visited your website and saw beautiful pictures of
Cassiar and
McDame Creek. You said it was possible to see more pictures. I would
love to!
From 1890 to 1899, my ancestor was a gold miner on McDame Creek,
about 8 miles from McDame Post. I have always wondered what the area
looks like. After leaving the Cassiar area, our Karl Johan became a
mailboat captain to the Nome gold rush where he disappeared. His family was close and had been looking forward to hearing all about British
Columbia and each receiving a little gold nugget. But Karl wrote a last letter home saying he had a paying claim near Sylvester's Landing (McDame Post) and then was never heard from again. Thefamily never got to hear about the Cassiar, in fact, they never even found out where
Sylvester's Landing was. It would take 100 years and the invention of Internet before we could trace Karl's trail to McDame Creek.
If it is possible to see more pictures, that would be
wonderful----if not, I do want to thank you for the glimpse of the
Cassiar region that we got to see. All that gorgeous snow!!!

Paula Lake

DATE: 2/10/03 9:45AM
From: Deborah Patterson dpatterson@eden.edu
To: Timothy Shire timothy@ftlcomm.com

Just a note to say how much I enjoyed the photos and text of your website. I live in St. Louis, Missouri now, but grew up in Northern Alberta, and sure appreciated the winter photos of the "everyday" in Canada. Brought back some real memories! And I certainly concur with your sentiments in the text.

Your pictures are the kind of pictures that people never take - I'm always so busy taking pictures of my family, or a special occasion, that I forget the ordinary. And the ordinary is so important!

Best wishes
Deborah Patterson

The Bloody US Dollar of President Bush's New World Order

DATE: 2/09/03 8:23PM
From: Oscar Choate ochoate@cox-internet.com
To: Mario deSantis mdesantis@sasktel.net

Sorry sir it was not your bloody country that was attacked. Of course a few dead Americans could never affect your isolated life.

Try again though when you figure out it is wrong to sneak attack. Iraq knows we are coming,it is not a mystery to any of them.


DATE: 11.3/02 7:24PM
From: Rudy J. Fernandes
To: Timothy Shire
Conceit, the dictionary defines it as " an especially unduly high opinion of one's own abilities or worth" [American Heritage].

This word applies aptly to Ms.Ginny Hasselfield, President of the Federal Liberal Party of South Surrey WR langley riding...refer to her letter of Oct 30 in the Peace Arch News. Conceit applies not only to her, but most federal Liberals; chief among them Paul Martin. Both Ms . Hasselfield and Mr Martin, the great pretender, do not hesitate to lay claim to being first in most things, political. Her words; "...the South Fraser Federal Liberal Action Group [ I love the word 'action', don't you?] has been vigorously and aggressively promoting issues...". It is my guess in arriving at a name the Liberals started with an acronym, Flag; hence of the word 'action'. Where was the action by Liberals over the last 10 years?

Contrast this with the more modest appellation, the South Fraser Regional P.C. Forum. In claiming originality for Flag displays a paucity of ideas. Contrast this with NAFTA and GST introduced by the previous Tory government.

Rudy J. Fernandes,
White Rock.

Motorcycle Escort

Date: 6/14/01 8:48 AM
Received: 6/14/01 9:09 AM
From: Mike Townsend,
To: Timothy Shire,

Hi Tim,

Neat little bike in "Motorcycle Escort". Electric and totally silent! If it
was made to look like a Harley, I think it should have had some sort of
roar. But I agree, he should have had a helmet and so should the little
rider in the passenger's seat behind the mother.



The Post Napster Era of Software

Date: 6/13/01 10:26 PM
Received: 6/13/01 10:44 PM
From: Stu Innes,
To: Timothy,

Just came across this one after reading Mr. Heilmans item.
Thought you might be interested.



Spring Tune-up

Date: 4/4/01 9:49 PM
Received: 4/4/01 10:02 PM
From: I.Allan,

Dear Mr. Shire,

In reference to your article on the Produce Department at Extra Foods in Tisdale, I must say as a weekly shopper that I find your statement for the most part to be untrue and bordering on slander.

Firstly, the manager of the Produce Department is helpful, kind and considerate to his customers and his staff. His staff are as well. They have helped me out on several occasions.

Secondly, the produce that is wrapped and reduced is to be sold at the reduced rate for quick sale. Everyone who buys these know that this is done because the fruit/vegetables are on the verge of overripe or spoiling, but are still quite eatable for the most part. On the rare occasion there may be some already spoiled, but to imply that this is done in trickery is preposterous. When you purchase these marked down/clearance items you should expect them not to be in mint condition. If you require the package to be open for your inspection just ask and I am sure someone would be of service to you. If you had a specific problem it should have been directed to the Manager of the Department or the Store Manager rather than condemning all staff. I have bought reduced produce/fruit for years and have never had anything that was unexpected.

However, your reference to the Extra Foods Pricing Policy from their Head Office in having to buy in quanities to get items at lower prices, is dead on. As well, their signage throughout the entire store is not always easy to decipher for the average customer.

Yours truly,
Heather Allan


Spring Tune-up

Date: 4/4/01 8:07 AM
Received: 4/4/01 7:53 AM
From: Margaret & Steve Krutz,

Your article concerning the Extra foods staff sounded like you were having a bad day and needed someone to vent your frustrations on!! We have purchased the 99 cent reduced packages of produce for years and anyone who knows anything about produce knows that when it is wrapped in a package such as that, it spoils much quicker than when it is out in the open. Further more everyone knows that this produce is on the verge of spoiling therefore it is priced for quick sale. If you don't like it, why buy it?

Also the produce manager is a very personable and obliging person. Just ask him about a product and he is quick to give a sample or answer questions. Of course if you are in too much of a hurry to do this you really shouldn't expect him to be a mind reader.

Margaret and Steve Krutz


Spring Tune-up

Date: 4/3/01 7:16 PM
Received: 4/3/01 8:28 PM
From: Corinne and John Lam Ma,

Dear Mr. Shire,

As the wife of the Produce Manager of Extra Foods, I find your article on the produce section totally inaccurate and offensive.

I have no doubt that at times when people buy reduced produce that they have found spoiled fruit or vegetables at the bottom of the package, I have as well. However, I can reassure you and anyone reading your slanderous article, that my husband or any of his staff working in the Produce section never under any circumstance try to "cheat" the customer into buying rotten food by placing spoiled merchandise under better quality product. Produce naturally spoils from touch and the weight of the fruit above. And if you have ever spoken John, and asked him to open a package so you can see the contents or to remove spoiled material he would gladly do so and has done so for others. You are of course referring to a .99 cent package that would likely be worth double or triple but if you have the time and are so inclined to dicker over such things please do so.

As far as being friendly and customer service oriented, I think you would have a difficult time finding anyone more so inclined than John. He is extremely active in the community and is continually praised by many for his pleasant manner at work and willingness to help customers. I would also suggest that you have a conversation with the Bakery/Deli Manager. Bea is polite, competent and always willing to discuss her product and the quality thereof.

I do agree that as with many large chain stores the community spirit and home-like atmosphere tend to be missing. But we must all maintain perspective and realize that the staff has little to no control over pricing policies and heating systems (although I am not totally in agreement with your suspicions). They do however, have total control over common courtesy and customer service. If you find that lacking I would suggest that you make a formal complaint detailing specific information rather than damning an entire staff or making false accusations based on a suspicious nature.


Corinne Lam Ma



Date: 1/23/01 9:47 PM
Received: 1/23/01 9:44 PM
From: carol miskosky, calmsky@home.com
To: timothy@ftlcomm.com

Just a short note to say how much I enjoy your site. It is one of the first sites I go to when I get on the computer. I grew up in the Resource area south of Melfort & have relatives throughout the area so reading all the different news stories & seeing the beautiful pictures you have on your site is wonderful.
Thanks for this site.

Carol Miskosky
Richmond, B.C.


43rd Battalion, Cameron Highlanders 1914 - 1919

Date: 1/18/01 9:07 PM
Received: 1/18/01 9:11 PM
From: J.S. MCLEAN, jsmclean@julian.uwo.ca
To: timothy@ftlcomm.com

Dear Editor,

I am writing the history of the 43rd Battalion, Cameron Highlanders (1914-1919)
from Winnipeg, and looking to borrow (or obtain photocopies of) trench
letters or photos; or hear any anecdotes or stories. Perhaps your
readers could contact me if they can help. Many men from Saskatchewan served with this unit.

Sincerely, Stuart McLean,
2865 Cedarwood Drive, Apt.#106, Ottawa, K1V 0G8.



Date: 1/13/01 11:41 AM
Received: 1/13/01 11:34 AM
From: Dwight Markland,

I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying highspeed, as mentioned in your Friday's ADSL article. I do have one point I would appreciate clarification on. Without experience with apple products, I many not understand their networking configurations. You say in your article that you need to use a cross over cable to connect the alcatel modem to your computer or to the uplink port on your hub. Since the port on the alcatel is configured as an "x" port, my understanding is that you should need a straight cable in those situations and a cross over cable only if you are connecting the modem to a regular port on the hub. I have heard that the new G4's have "intelligent" ethernet ports that allow them to detect wheather they are connected directly to another apple (in which case they act as an "x" port) or to a regular ethernet network where they are configured as a straight thru port. Maybe that explains my confusion with your use of the straight and cross over cables. I would appreciate your feedback on this point as we don't want people running out to buy cross over cables when the straight thru cables from S'tel will work just fine!

btw, you do have a great site!
thanx for now.

Dwight Markland

Editor: Dwight you are 100% on the mark. At one point during the process I had five different ethernet cables on the floor as I tried various ones to get things running. In that process there was some confusion and I really appreciate you bring that to our attention and I have cleaned up the error in the story. Indeed the final working set up involved a regular ethernet cable from the modem to the uplink (X) port on the hub.

Cold Feet

Date: 1/12/01 11:20 PM
Received: 1/12/01 11:14 PM
From: KEYDEEZ@aol.com
To: timothy@ftlcomm.com

Thank you for all the great information you provided my family and me concerning our cold feet/skating dilemma. I posted the same question to many other sources (as far away as Finland) and your info byfar helped us the most. Also my children were amazed by the power of the internet. We gave our globe a spin and found where you were in relation to Chicago. I found the rest of your site interesting and added it to our favorites. Thanks again
Brendan Keady


Cold Feet

Date: 1/4/01 8:23 PM
Received: 1/5/01 11:29 AM
From: BKeady@mountprospect.org
To: timothy@ftlcomm.com

Hello I found your site by chance. Who else would better know about cold feet and skating than someone in Canada. I live in Chicago and the proud dad of 3 kids 10,8, and 6. After spending a half hour putting on skates it is distressing when the kids get cold feet often quickly. This is even if they are racing up and down the rink. The skates fit very well - no complaints from the kids there. Is there a type of sock or socks that are better, someone mentioned plastic baggies? Any suggestions thanks for your time.
Brendan Keady


Date: 12/20/00 7:57 PM
Received: 12/20/00 10:33 PM
From: JOE HUEGLIN, joehueglin@attcanada.net
To: EDITOR_The Ensign, timothy@ftlcomm.com

Letters to the Editor
The Ensign

Dear Editor,

"Heather MacIvor, a former Tory party member and a professor at the
University of Windsor,"is quoted by Canadian Press as saying "any hope for
a merger would come from Tory caucus defectors."

By stating "If I'm thinking of scenarios under which a merger could happen,
(one is) the Tories losing official status because one or more MPs goes
over to the Alliance", MacIvor frankly admits she's hypothesizing. In her
calculations she ignores factuality. From 1993-1997 the Party had a two
member caucus, on November 27th it was nip and tuck whether there would be
12 Conservative members elected, and, most importantly, those such as she
who bought a membership but were not Party supporters have left and have no

Reality? Discussion concerning or "any hope for a merger" does not come
from Tories. Rather than this they are taking great satisfaction in
MacIvor's postulating and Day's plotting the imminent demise of the
Conservative Party, which, by all past predictions, should already be dead
and buried.

Yours truly,

Joe Hueglin

5838 Mouland Avenue
Niagara Falls, Ontario


Date: 11/29/00 2:01 PM
Received: 11/29/00 2:54 PM
From: Mike Townsend, mtownsen@sahali.sd73.bc.ca
To: timothy, timothy@FTLCOMM.com

"There is a suspicion that hockey may be a religion."(tip for Wednesday November 29, 2000)

Tim, what about CFL football. The flocking of the throngs to Calgary this past weekend ("Sunday"), the fervor of us rabid Saskatchewan fans, the pedestal we create for players like "Lui", "Ron" and "George". And of course the uniforms they now wear that promotes the idea of the "Greek God".
Faith, that central feature of religion, is the only thing that fills the stadium in Regina on cold fall afternoons. And finally when all else fails, all seems to be lost, there is that "goto" play, the "Hail Mary" pass. The percentages of such a pass are very low, but there remains that "hope". The wearing of the "green", the willingness to participate in an all out donney-brook when anyone should bad mouth "your team".
Then there is balance in the universe. "We, the west" kicked their ass on "Sunday", and "they, the east" kicked our ass on Monday.

Talk to you soon.


In The Fog

Date: 11/28/00 8:08 PM
Received: 11/29/00 10:11 AM
From: Shawn Ratushniak, shawn@tslcomputers.com
To: timothy@ftlcomm.com

Just finished reading your story on the election. In it you erroneously describe a person who was still on the voters list, as Henry Fripp. Actually his name was Brian Fripp, not Henry as you have reported. Not a big oversight, nor in any way intentional, I'm sure. As a past employee, and friend of Brian Fripp, I would (as would his family) appreciate it if his name was corrected. The success TSL Computers has enjoyed is because of what I learned from Brian Fripp. I was fortunate enough to work with Brian for 14 years. During that time I learned lessons that can not be taught in school, only by someone who truly understands business. I still remember Brian telling me "Do something you enjoy, and do it better than anyone else."

Anyway, thanks for letting me ramble...and to remember a friend.

Shawn Ratushniak

49 Plymouth

Date: 11/26/00 9:58 PM
Received: 11/27/00 10:02 AM
From: Steve Halbrook, stevejh@mho.com
To: timothy@ftlcomm.com

Your message board ended in March of 2000, so don't know if this will reach you or not. I was looking up '49 Plymouth's For Sale and wound up at your website. I loved the joke about the old guy dying and chocolate chip cookies; and I also found an address and an e-mail for the Plymouth Club in North Dakota.

Thanks much.

Steve Halbrook
Denver, Colorado (USA)

Servi car

Date: 11/24/00 12:50 PM
Received: 11/24/00 3:15 PM
From: Kevin Ruddy, kruddy@yahoo.com
To: timothy@ftlcomm.com

Timothy, Your web page about the servi-car couldn't be more wrong. The Harley you have pictured is not a servi-car. Harley discontinued building servi-cars in 1973. The motorcycle you have pictured is a Harley Electraglide from the 90's with a Lehman's trike kit added on. Lehman's is a company that builds trike kits for Harley and Honda Goldwing mainly, but also can be put on Kawasakis, Suzukis, and Yamahas.

I have a 1969 servi-car which was originally employed by Chicago Police Department as a parking enforcement vehicle. It has a left hand throttle and shift on right side of the tank to the cops could still fire their handguns. Harley made these bikes specially for Chicago P.D. If you would like a picture, let me know. I have customized the bike some with paint, chrome, and bigger wheels, but is still pretty much stock.

I just had to let you know that your informant is way off base... Kevin Ruddy

KRUDDY at Yahoo

What A Day!

Date: 11/13/00 4:49 PM
Received: 11/13/00 6:48 PM
From: Hayes, Bob, Bob_Hayes@cccpp.com
To: 'timothy@ftlcomm.com', timothy@ftlcomm.com


In regard to your article about Mr. Day it appears you may not agree with much of his philosophy or that of the Alliance Party.

Having read through it all I must admit there are some quotes I don't agree with either, but that will not change my voting for the Alliance on Nov. 27.

The reason I take home 5 times the salary, pay less tax (thousands / year), 10 cents / litre less for fuel, no sales tax, have a better financial chance of success (my home will appreciate more in 2 years here than the one I sold in SK at a loss after owning for 15 years), better jobs for my older children ($18 / hour as a computer operator at UPS beats shovelling grain and unemployment insurance), have a more stable lifestyle, better healthcare, and better schools is not because of anything Roy Romanow or Jean Chretien have done it is because of the policies of Mr. Klein and Mr. Day when he was MLA in AB.

Fill out your income tax with an AB address on Wintax next year and see for yourself. I've done it and the SK one is not a pretty picture.

Best regards;

R. (Bob) Hayes


Date: 9/29/00 6:08 AM
Received: 9/29/00 11:38 PM
From: Frances Sbrocchi, naisburi@iinet.net.au
To: timothy@ftlcomm.com

It is a long long time since I lived in Melfort. I have been writing recollections this week and thank you for the photographs that bring back other memories. Thanks, Frances Sbrocchi, Perth WA

AIM and Medisolutions ?

From: Jim Ramsay <JRamsay@AIMASP.COM>
Subject: RE: IT in Health Care
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 10:01:12 -0600

Thank you for your interest. Actually what we have done will greatly compliment the provincial initiatives and is a good fit to both SHIN and SAHO. I will send you a more detailed response either later today or early tomorrow. I am off to church right now. I look forward to further corresponding with you.


AIM and Medisolutions ?

Tim: yesterday I attended a portion of the no-fault coalition meeting in Saskatoon. This morning I visited your site and found your very important references. As a consequence of your references I was prompted in writing this e-mail I sent to Jim Ramsay. Your Big Brother reference was so appropriate and disconcerting at the same time.

Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 08:52:26 -0600
From: Mario deSantis <mdesantis@sk.sympatico.ca>
Subject: IT in Health Care

September 10, 2000

Mario deSantis
P.O. Box 2222
Nipawin, SK S0E 1E0

Mr. Jim Ramsay
President and CEO, AIM Inc.

Dear Mr. Ramsey:

I was very surprised to know that your company along with MediSolution and other partners has just concluded a $2.5 million contract to provide a host of web based health care services. In particular, this contract includes the provision of services for St. Joseph's Health Centre in Macklin. Also, it is my understanding that, in accordance to a newswire release dated February 26, 1999, the St. Joseph's Health Centre already signed a contract with yourselves, and in fact this release states that this contract "includes Patient Registration, Electronic Patient Record, Patient Care Planning and Scheduling, Admissions, Discharge and Transfers, Orders and Results, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Radiology, Payroll, Staff Scheduling, Human Resources and others. Installation will begin immediately." Since the Saskatchewan Government is responsible for the legislation protecting patient records, since the Saskatchewan Health Information Network (SHIN) is centrally responsible for the development of the Saskatchewan health network, and since the Saskatchewan Association of Health Organizations (SAHO) is centrally responsible for the provision of many health services, including the recently acquired SAP healthcare payroll, I would appreciate to know how your Saskatchewan contracts affect the related services provided by SHIN and those provided by SAHO.

Given the present structure of health care information technology I find very unusual that your company is not publicly interfacing with either Saskatchewan Health, SHIN or SAHO. Therefore, as I have been always interested in the provision of effective health care Information Technology services in the province, I reiterate my interest in knowing your business role within the present health care information technology structure, that is how your business interfaces with the present services provided by SHIN and SAHO.

Mario deSantis

For Someone Who Likes To Rock

Date: 9/9/00 8:17 PM
Received: 9/10/00 9:55 AM
From: Kevin Keely, kevinrkeely@juno.com
To: timothy@ftlcomm.com


I don't know if I have the right address or not, but somewhere within FTLCOM was a page for the Friendly Giant. I just wanted you to know there was a page for it on www.tvparty.com (lost tv shows) that has some information. Also in searching the net, I've come across a number of obits for Robert Homme. I was sad to hear that he died in 1998. I has seen this shoe briefly in the late 60's and have been hopelessly searching for it ever since. Now I am looking for audio/video/photos from the show.

"FTLComm - Coaldale, ON - May 3, 2000"

You were 13 in 1958...I was 6 in 1970. I can't remember when I saw this show, but it was around 1970.


Kevin Keely

The Letters problem
Date: 9/3/00 8:15 PM
Received: 9/4/00 9:39 AM
From: Stu Innes, sinnes@cableregina.com
To: Timothy, timothy@FTLCOMM.com

Hi Timothy,

Just divide the letters into 'current' and 'history' with a page having
links to however you divide them.
Yearly- monthly etc
This links page only needs to be updated once in awhile as the 'current'
section fills up or becomes history.

This means that visitors only need to go back to history once and after that
they can visit the current section for new stuff.

Hope this helps and makes sense too.

Stu Innes

Editor's note: Thanks Stu your advise has been taken.

Finance Spokesperson Roy Schneider: Playing with tax numbers and wishfull thinking

Date: 9/3/00 6:17 AM

Hi Mario,

I am always glad to see that you are keeping up the good work, and the Gord Nystuen item is right on!

However I want to make sure you don't really think that SHIN is dormant just because the gov't and the media have been keeping it out of the spotlight.

They bragged about not needing any more money cuz they still had some of the second $20 million left not too long ago.

Also they are working at a frantic pace to fast track the records into digital form and to incorporate procedures that cannot be undone within the day to day workings of the faclities currently and so to be involved.