Prime Minister Jean Chretien's involvement with the BDC's $615,000 loan:
Lack of Common Sense Democracy

Nipawin - December 1, 2000 - By: Mario deSantis


Yesterday, I wrote an article reporting the corrupted and concerted behavior of the police,
social service and the department of justice as it has transpired in the malicious sexual
charges against the Klassen family(1). As I watched the related documentary on TV, the
Fifth Estate: Scandal of the Century, I felt dismayed to see former Justice Minister Chris
Axworthy running away as a mouse from CBC journalist Linden MacIntyre.



appropriate behaviour

I thought that maybe, maybe, Honourable Chris Axworthy had something to keep secretive
along with his fellow cabinet ministers and the police. I feel impotent in rationalizing the
widespread corruption of our leadership since I will never reconcile the fact that the same
institutions which make our written laws doesn't abide by their own laws! There doesn't
seem to be a standard for appreciating the appropriate behaviour of our politicians.



only at

As a consequence, our country becomes democratic only at election time when our politicians
want to be elected to the high priesthood of parliamentarians. After an electoral campaign
where our leaders have insulted each other, our winner Jean Chretien has stated that it is
time to turn the page and get back to do business as usual, that is to continue with the job
of serving themselves and their friends.




And I say, why should business be as usual? No, it cannot be, we can't continue to let our
politicians lie and abuse their governmental power. Our individual freedom has been curtailed
by our politicians, bureaucrats and corporate businesses, and we must take our freedom back,
individually, exercising our individual rights to express ourselves and to pursue our individual
rights to seek remedies against the fraudulent wrongs of our governmental agencies.



make democratic changes

In this respect, let us follow the work of the Klassen family in seeking punitive damages from
the police, from social service and from the department of justice. And let us not forget
Dr. Emma Bartfay(2) and her fight against the deviant directions of her former supervisor
Dr. David Cassidy(3) and the University of Saskatchewan. So, let us go on with the business
to make democratic changes, no matter small, one small change at a time, just like our
courageous judges are doing: John Reilly(4), Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond(5), and
Louise Arbour(6).



that be

Our laws have become insignificant, our justice has become decadent, most of our lawyers
divide themselves into their political affiliations, and instead to assist their clients they assist
the power that be, not the power that should be! So, we are left alone to express ourselves,
alienated from the inconclusive and insignificant complex verbosity of our leadership. Our
Prime Minister has intervened personally with the president of the Business Development
Bank of Canada (BDC) for the granting of a $615,000 loan to his friend and business
neighbor Mr. Yvon Duhaime and Mr. Howard Wilson, Ethics Counsellor, in a matter of a
day has cleared Jean Chretien of any ethical wrongdoing. Mr. Wilson has stated


"The Prime Minister, in calling the president of the BDC, did not violate any rule which has been established by the Canadian government in terms of ministers dealing on behalf of constituents with government agencies."




I am not going to put myself at the same level as Mr. Wilson and look for specific laws
which Jean Chretien might have breached. You know why? Because if I find a law which
has been breached, then the other party would have another law which has not been breached,
and if the other party doesn't have a law in their favour then they make one, on the spot!
That's the way our Prime Minister is efficient, in avoiding any blame, in helping his friends
and never say "I apologize."



Chretien's behaviour

Don't take me wrong, I am not judgmental, I just use common sense, and this is what our
democracy lacks: common sense; and this is what our justice system lacks: common law,
that is common sense applied in our justice system. We need more common sense applied
to our justice system and fewer statutory or written laws. And I am going to list some facts
surrounding the $615,000 loan to Mr. Duhaime, and I am not going to make any
judgement in regard to the possibility that the Prime Minister broke any law. You, reader,
will make your personal opinion and I don't want to know your opinion either, but what is
important in making democratic opinions is a common language. And because we are
dealing with the appropriateness of Jean Chretien's behaviour, then just briefly I want to
provide the very basic English definitions of Fraud, Ethics and Abuse of Power.




Fraud: Deception deliberately practiced with a view to gaining an unlawful or unfair advantage. re:




Ethics: Set of principles of right conduct. re:



Abuse of Power

Abuse of Power: A corrupt practice or custom.  re:
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