The Fallacy
of Evidence Based Research


Nipawin - May 18, 2001 - by: Mario deSantis, reviewed by James deSantis


If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts--Albert Einstein



Timothy Shire's concise introduction to my yesterday's write-up "The Herd Mentality of
our health researchers" states that it points out the trend for evidence based researchers
to demand restructuring of restructuring of restructuring of restructured health care. This
is the state of ultimate dementia of our sacred health care leadership: the demand of more
money for health evidence based research on behalf of our Big Brains and against the
intelligence of people at large.




In Saskatchewan, the health evidence based research is located primarily in Saskatoon in
the Big Brains of the Health Services Utilization and Research Commission(1) (HSURC).
These Big Brains have been brightened up by the unidirectional source of light issued by
Saskatoon's Synchrotron and are demanding more money and more money to shed further
new light on how to fix the machinery of health care in Saskatchewan, Canada and the
World. Big Brain Laurie Thompson says that the Saskatoon's Synchrotron is a prime
example on how to help secure federal money, and he wants to help secure more funding
so that his evidence based outfit can provide a better research infrastructure which would
trigger more research as more time freed up from teaching and patient-care duties(2).




Health care internationally renowned gurus include Steven Lewis, Michael Decter,
Michael Rachlis, Robert Evans, Morris Barer, Greg Stoddart, and so many others(3).
These gurus all agree that the future of Canada's health care must be in further evidence
based health research and they all agree that the past health care restructuring has been
beneficial to the sacred cause and cows of Canada's health care.




These researchers not only are proponents for maintaining the legislative principles of
Canadian public health care, but they want more and more money for research so that
people can navigate better in the systemic storm of health care restructuring of restructuring
of restructuring of restructured health care(4).
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Health Services Utilization and Research Commission (HSURC) HSURC is an arm's-length, government-funded agency with a mandate to assess Saskatchewan's health system and make recommendations for evidence-based change. We are also the provincial health research granting agency. HSURC was established by the province through an order-in-council in February 1992. HSURC now has its own provincial legislation, The Health Services Utilization and Research Commission Act, which received royal assent from Saskatchewan's lieutenant-governor on June 2, 1994. Our legislation empowers us to do utilization research in addition to carrying on the granting agency mandate inherited from the Saskatchewan Health Research Board.


Better health through research, by Laurie Thompson, A Closer Look, Spring 2001, publication of HSURC


A Partial Diagnosis of Health Care Corruption: The Quality Circle of the Big Brains Includes Our Renown Health Economists, by Mario deSantis, March 9, 2000


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