Will Bush patriotism shut up Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney?

Nipawin - Saturday, May 18, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis


The enemy is within and it is utterly profane to follow President Bush patriotism beyond the US borders and launch an all out never ending war against terrorism. One of the strongest and consistent political voices I heard in defence of peace and democracy have come from Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney.




As I mentioned in a previous article, McKinney was derided and vilified when she suggested the need for a transparent and thorough investigation of the events leading to the 9/11 attacks; she has been told to sit down and shut up since joining Congress in 1992, but McKinney has countered
"I won't sit down and I won't shut up until the full and unvarnished truth is placed before the American people."




We know now that the Bush administration knew of the gravity of impending terrorist attacks on American soil prior to 9/11 and did just nothing as they went on an extended retreat to Bush's Prairie Chapel ranch in Crawford, Texas. The American media is supposed to check democracy and instead, as TV anchor Dan Rather has recently alluded, they could have been behaving as a Public Relations arm for the Bush administration.




These are two recent examples of Bush patriotism beyond the US borders and conducted by real time remote control high tech clean bombings:
  • Canadian journalist Eric Margolis is outraged by the failed CIA assassination plot against his old acquaintance Afghan leader Gulbadin Hekmatyar. However, the Bush administration says that Hekmatyar is a terrorist since he is opposed to the US-installed regime of Hamid Karzai. Therefore, the CIA sent a missile armed Predator drone to search for him but by mistake the missiles failed to hit him and instead killed bystanders.

  • While CNN reports that the U.S. army has killed about 10 people in an operation against suspected al Qaeda and Taliban militants in eastern Afghanistan, the Hindustan Times reports that these killings occurred when people traditionally celebrating a wedding fired into the air and were bombed in return by American self-defence and pre-emptive missiles.



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Will Bush patriotism shut up Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney?
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