Economist Paul Krugman:
The Bully’s Pulpit spreads the gospel of double thinking, newspeak and new words

Nipawin - Saturday, September 7, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis




Yesterday I wrote about the languaging of elitist gurus headed by the guru of the gurus President George Bush. I expressed my feeling that these gurus are professional liars who disguise themselves as the experts while corrupting our languaging at the expense of common people.




What bothers me is that we are being lied to by gurus and yet we are not able to discern the gravity of this conditioning as this social lying is being hailed as the virtue of being smart and successful. For example, the show "Big Brother" is the so-called window of reality where brainwashed people play the game of real life by lying and backstabbing each other for the purpose of winning the BIG BUCK.




Friday there was another beautiful column by economist Paul Krugman in The New York Times. Krugman writes that out of the Bully’s Pulpit we hear the voice that
"War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. Colin Powell and Dick Cheney are in perfect agreement. And the Bush administration won't privatize Social Security."
Please read this column and try to understand a better reality than the one regurgitated from the Bully's Pulpit.




In particular, I was taken by the public relations campaign of the Republican Party to privatize Social Security by diverting payroll taxes into investment ‘personal accounts.’ Since the word ‘privatization’ has acquired a negative connotation with the recent plunge of the stock market the Republican Party has been selling the fraudulent idea that ‘personal accounts’ is not ‘privatization.’ This reminds me of the Canadian health care gurus who do not want privatize health care but who want to have health care personal accounts.




Krugman shares my same concern about the languaging of gurus and writes that the Bully’s Pulpit spreads the gospel of double thinking, newspeak and the redefinition of words to rule out disloyal thoughts.


  Yes, we have a problem of languaging and President Bush’s languaging is the Biggest Problem.
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  Medical Savings Accounts. Universal, Accessible, Portable, Comprehensive Health Care for Canadians, by Cynthia Ramsay, The Fraser Institute, 1998


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