John Roth, Frank Carlucci, Peter Lougheed, Frank McKinna, Paul Demarais, Allan Gotlieb and Laurent Beaudoin


The Carlyle Group and Canada:
A War Economy at the Expense of Common People

Nipawin - Sunday, September 8, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis




We live in a dangerous world and we have been saying for some time that the gurus are the culprits of our economic and social division at home and abroad. We have been implying in our recent writing that President George Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair are dangerous people who want to wage an immediate war against Iraq to make peace.




We have been targeting on the Carlyle Group, a private multi billion dollar defense contractor with ties to the Bush family, as a business which makes money without bearing any entrepreneurial risk and by waging wars rather than by building wealth and promoting peace. I have also mentioned that the Carlyle Group had a return of 36% on their investments on $6.4 billion since 1987.




Today I have more evidence that the Carlyle Group is an atrocious business dividing common people as well. Carlyle makes business out of the triangle governments, industry and the military; and on top of this corrupt triangle Carlyle raises money from 435 pension funds. This is a diabolic strategy since Carlyle makes money without any risk while at the same time it maintains the perception that it increases and protects the retirement funds of millions of American workers. This is not true as the retirement funds protected by the defense contractor Carlyle are the other side of another sad story, that is the loss of trillions of dollars in the stock market and the related loss of trillions of dollars of other retirement funds and 401k accounts of millions of American workers.


Today I am going to provide a specific example on how the Carlyle Group promotes its growth while at the same time directly participating in the collapse of other companies so that management executives steal billions of dollars while workers lose their pension and their jobs.




In the 1996 Nortel Annual report we find the names of John Roth and Frank Carlucci (and Peter Lougheed) as directors of the company. John Roth managed Nortel so that its share’s value decreased from a high of about $65.00 some two years ago to a low of about $1.07 today. Further, in an effort to increase shareholders’ value Nortel downsized its work force by some 50,000 people. Guess what? Frank Carlucci is the Chairman of the Carlyle Group. This is not the end of the story as our own Canadian economy is taking the form of a war economic infrastructure. In fact, the prominent Canadians associated with Carlyle are the following:


Frank McKenna, former Premier of New Brunswick;
Peter Lougheed, former Premier of Alberta
Power Corp.'s Paul Desmarais
Bombardier's Laurent Beaudoin
former Canadian Ambassador to the United States Allan Gotlieb
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