SGI's No Fault Insurance, and now Tort Coverage:
the work of the experts

Nipawin - Thursday, November 14, 2002 - by: Mario deSantis


"No pain, no gain. The pain is in your head"

--SGI's philosophy in the treatment of injured victims




As usual I am baffled.




There is a lot of confusion around. Should or shouldn't we ratify Kyoto's agreement? Should or shouldn't we go to war against Iraq? Should or shouldn't we have ID cards?... Here we are, all questioned on what to do, yet the scope of our enquiring for a better world is getting more restricted one step at a time and all the time.




We are being duped, and I ask: who is doing all this questioning? Who is responsible for our laws? Who are the experts supporting our policy decisions?




Again I shake my head.




We are being duped and we are being duped by the omnipresent assistance of the statistical experts to make public decisions. You get it? We have the experts, the experts who choose concocted questions and who publicize the results of their concocted researches in order for their political friends to make public decisions for the rest of us.




Yesterday, I provided the hint that the never ending widespread abuse of statistical researches could have contributed to the development of a fascist corporative regime. And yes, let me assert that Saskatchewan may have advanced more than any other province in reaching the highest level of fascist corporatism.




In this respect, let me mention the work of Lorie Terry, spokesperson for THE COALITION AGAINST NO FAULT, who has relentlessly identified the wrongs of the No-Fault insurance program, wrongs which are not just casual mistakes of a flawed governmental insurance program but an expression of the abusive corporative philosophy of the elitist leadership.




Yesterday night I watched the local CBC program on the no fault insurance coverage executed by SGI (Saskatchewan Government Insurance). I have already written a few articles against the no fault insurance program and after I watched this program I understood better the regressive screwed up philosophy of the university researchers, of the crown corporation executives and of our own government.




While critics of no fault denounce the SGI's rehabilitation programs as a violation of human rights and as worse than military boot camps, SGI defends such programs stating that they have been recommended by the experts. One of these experts is the infamous Dr. David Cassidy. But wait, SGI is making changes and while we will have the choice of a Tort Coverage we will not have the choice to remove a Foggy philosophy.

Mario deSantis

  SGI hands over private records to researchers. An investigative report by CBC Television's Geoff Leo
  The Incredible Abuse of Saskatchewan No-Fault Insurance. By: Mario deSantis and reviewed by James deSantis, June 3, 2000
  SGI, Saskatchewan Government Insurance. Larry Fogg is President of SGI


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