On Our Lack of Languaging:
Tax-Free Communicator Walter Robinson

Nipawin - Friday - February 14, 2003 - by: Mario deSantis

"We human beings create the world that we live (which) arises moment after moment in the flow of our living, how can we pretend then to specify a future that will not belong to us because it will arise in the living of our children and will not be created by us?"

Humberto Maturana, Biologist


In a world where we must never take things for granted and work for our own welfare not out of fear of our neighbours but out of our need to get along with each other here comes Mr. Walter Robinson, director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, telling us that
"Our federal income tax, gasoline taxes, property taxes, and corporate taxes; all have American origins."
Guess what, if we wouldn't have had those taxes South of the border Canada would now be a tax free and more prosperous country. Mr. Robinson is full of stooling rigidity as he reads into the 'liberal' minds of Adam Smith and Sir Richard Cartwright and expresses his logic that
"our [Canadian] identity is originally found in an attachment to limited government, lower taxes and a more robust desire for liberty in contrast to the United States in the 19th century."




Yesterday, I wrote the article "Today's Rule of Law and the Big Brains of Crony Capitalism" and I terminated the article with this sentence
"This raises the fundamental question of our LANGUAGE."
Today I read the recurring debate about the American Media as being either 'liberal' or rightwing. So we have Mr. Robinson using the term 'liberal' for supporting lower taxes as he reads into the liberal minds of Adam Smith and Sir Richard Cartwright, and we have our neighboring American Big Brains using the term 'liberal' as synonymous of leftist (as opposed to rightwing) and higher taxes.



must learn
to talk
with the
same language

I can recall the old saying that
"all of our problems are communication problems"
and today as I refer to the confusing use of the word 'liberal' I must qualify this saying by stating that
"all of our problems are LANGUAGING problems,"
that is the inability to speak the same LANGUAGE and get along with each other.

Mario deSantis

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