Re-Learning how to read the lips and how to read between the lines:
The Taxing Case of Mr. Robinson

Nipawin - Thursday - March 6, 2003 - by: Mario deSantis


Tuesday when I was writing the article "The Freedom of Expression of American Conventional Media: Narrow the Discourse and Focus on Misinformation, that is War against Iraq" I emphasized how the American conventional media narrows the breath of our voices and social concerns and dis-informs the public.



We must realize by now that the bundled up political and business leaders have a tacit agenda beyond their neoconservative explicit agenda. Have you ever heard recently the saying "read my lips" or "read between the lines"? Well, both expressions, colloquially, have been used to say or write something and to mean something else altogether. This is precisely a new ideological tacit principle of the bundled up neoconservative elite.




So when we have Walter Robinson, Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, preaching once again the benefit of lower taxes per se, without providing any meaningful and contextual social explanations. Once again Mr. Robinson praises the recent Bush tax plan which ensures that a family of four earning $40,000 or less will pay no federal income tax. Again I want to emphasize Mr. Robinson's myopic understanding of the Bush tax cuts when a better contextual explanation is provided by David Corn, editor of The Nation magazine, as he states:


"As the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities notes, Bush's example could come true. But it adds, 'the tax cuts that would benefit this family constitute less than one-quarter of the overall cost of the bill.' In other words, you could dump three-quarters of his package and still assist middle-income families. To suggest this package overall is of direct assistance to middle- and lower-income individuals is dishonest. Only pieces of it--the smaller pieces--do that. Like press secretary, like president. The Bush tax cut is literally class warfare by numbers."




By the way, if Bush tax cuts are so good maybe Mr. Robinson can explain to us the related consequences of an ever increasing U.S. National debt of $6.5 trillion and an ever increasing U.S. budget deficit of $94 billion in the last four months from October through January.




And so, we have to re-learn how to read the lips and how to read between the lines because of our neoconservative elite, in this case Mr. Robinson.

Mario deSantis

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