Liberty has been taken with Stephan Savoia (AP Photo) of George Bush back on June 1, 2002 at West Point with New York Times columnist Paul Krugman standing if for Academy superintendent Lt. General William J. Lennox.


On Paul Krugman and Bush's lie
that $726 billion will create 1.4 million jobs

Nipawin - Wednesday - April 23, 2003 - by: Mario deSantis


As we have been writing on some of the daily events we have been able to discern two truths, that our economy is on autopilot, and that Bush&Co along with their embedded media continue to play the three step program for the selling of their economic lies.



tax cut

So we have, the economic lie that a $726 billion tax cut plan will create 1.4 million jobs.




Paul Krugman reflects on this economic lie, by pointing out the obvious question, how in the world you can cut taxes by some $500,000 for each supposed job created (726,000/1.4) when an average job is worth some $40,000 per year?




Krugman goes on to say that state governments have not enough money and they are cutting services in the needed sectors of education, health and security while at the same time Bush&Co have just appropriated $78 billion as a first instalment to pay for the Iraqi invasion.



sell job

So this amounts is the lie, that a $726 billion tax cut will create 1.4 million jobs and Krugman remarks that Republican politicians are under the instruction to push this job number of 1.4 million jobs, did I say 1.4 million jobs? So the saga of the 1.4 million jobs is iteratively played by the media.




But thie saga of 1.4 million jobs doesn't end here, yet as this lie must become the statistically proven general opinion of the public. So a search for new economic experts is needed to support this lie, and luckily enough there is no shortage of these economic experts as everything and everybody is now for sale, to the highest bidder.



Mario deSantis

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