Don Carty was the chief executive of the massive American Airlines with its centre of operations in fort Worth Texas, until April 24, 2003 when he had to step down. The company is teetering on bankrupcy yet paid out huge bonuses and pensions to its executives.

American Crony Capitalism:
The snowballing of privatization, less taxes and more wars

Nipawin - Monday - April 28, 2003 - by: Mario deSantis

"The [Iraqi] war was a missed opportunity for our Armed Forces"

Canadian journalist Douglas Fisher




It seems we have a social and economic system being driven by insane men who look after the satisfaction of their own greed as per the present crony capitalism. This crony capitalism has mushroomed as the American stock market collapsed after 1999 with a related loss in the order of $8 trillion, that is an amount equivalent to some 80% of American Gross Domestic Product.




This crony capitalism is endemic with the American current political egemonic philosophy. You cannot fight this American crony capitalism within an environment of business as usual as the neo-uber-alles continue to deceive the public and continue to play the crony capitalism game of seriously searching for somebody to blame. The hidden reality is that the same crony capitalistic structure is at fault and this is not a matter of searching for somebody to blame. This deceptive American privatization push all over the world is mostly a concocted political strategy of the American neo-uber-alles.




I have absolutely no sympathies for the tyrant Saddam Hussein, but his demonization by the Bush&Co administration is nothing else but the re-recycled expression of crony capitalism, that is the search for somebody to blame by any means, a war in Iraq now after the war in Afghanistan, and more wars on the horizon as Bush&Co predict their own New World Order.



& less taxes

The social and economic settings are driven by insane men, and in Canada, one insane man is taxpayer defender Walter Robinson, who, as a disciple of Bush&Co, preaches the gospel of privatization and the gospel of less taxes.




But we don't need the gospel of privatization when we realize the abysmal failures of American privatization policies in Latin America and all over the world. We don't need the gospel of less taxes when we realize that Bush&Co want to decrease taxes by $500 thousand in order to create an average job of $40 thousand per year. Bush's gimmick of having less taxes and more money in your pocket works only for the rich as less public service is provided for health, education and security.




Another insane man is Canadian journalist Douglas Fisher as he states
"The war was a missed opportunity for our Armed Forces. It offered them a chance to see and participate in a military operation of unprecedented speed, complexity, precision, and power."
In fact contrast this statement with the critical question of Ensign editor Timothy Shire
"how can we preserve being Canadian while having to move our country from peace time to a war time footing?"




Our social and economic system is driven by insane men, and behind these insane men a perception is materializing that our economy is on autopilot ready to crash once again. There must be a relative limit to privatization and less taxes. The current push for privatization, less taxes and wars can be metaphorically represented by a snow ball running down a snowy hill: the snow ball would become bigger and bigger and bigger and eventually would crush. If we don't remove this crony capitalism this cycle of privatization, less taxes and wars will continue again and again and again till the final crash!




Mario deSantis

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