Saskatoon Police Association president Stan Goertzen , Saskatoon police chief Russel Sabo, sketch of suspected police officer in Stonechild death and Dean Demonson


Camouflaging Racism in Saskatchewan
and in the Saskatoon Police Association

Nipawin - Tuesday - June 10 2003 - by: Mario deSantis

"Chief Sabo continues on paid leave while a committee figures out what to do with his comments about a co-worker's perfume while Saskatoon Police Association continues to cover up the murderous consequences of its racist attitudes."

Sheila Steele,



"The union has come forward in a very bold manner with this confidence vote publicly. I want to challenge them to stay public and identify their concerns and tell us why this board and this chief have failed them so miserably.

-Saskatoon Mayor Jim Maddin




As I read Monday's June 9, 2003 CBC article linking the finding of the frozen body of Cree teenager Neil Stonechild to the Saskatoon police so I immediately thought of the work of Sheila Steele in identifying the overall racist and corrupt behaviour of the Saskatoon police along with the complicity of Saskatchewan Justice.




While the Saskatoon Police Association has recently expressed a 90 per cent 'no confidence' vote in police chief Russel Sabo, so the police chief has now apologized on behalf of the Saskatoon police for having its officers dumping people outside the city in the freezing winters and eventually let them die.



cover up

The cover up of the racist attitudes in Saskatchewan has a subtle ramification as the social and legal significance of rampant racism is camouflaged and diverted with the gimmick of focusing on irrelevant material.


Last month Dean Edmondson of Tisdale was convicted of sexually assaulting a twelve year old aboriginal girl and yet in this trial the young girl had to be mortified twice, first for the gang rape and then for the not needed disclosure of her social painful upbringing. .




Let us be reminded of the words of Justice Barclay when he acknowledged in the court of law
"that racism is a grim reality in Canada and in Saskatchewan. It exists openly and blatantly in attitudes and actions of individuals. It exists in the fears, in the prejudices and stereotypes held by many people and it exists in our institutions in the criminal justice system."
Yet John White, then Deputy Minister of Justice, responded that Justice Barclay was "dead wrong" as his ministry was working hard to get rid of racism by spending $350,000 to help Aboriginal organizations deal with family violence

Mario deSantis

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