A demented mentality and changing the Saskatoon Police Service: Cheers for social activist Sheila Steele and police chief Russel Sabo


UK Home Secretary David Blunket


A demented mentality and changing the Saskatoon Police Service:
Cheers for social activist Sheila Steele and police chief Russel Sabo

Nipawin - Tuesday - March 23, 2004 - by: Mario deSantis
  We have been addressing in Ensign, the demented mentality to perceive our world as made up of fragmented events related to each other only in a direct cause effect relationships. This demented mentality is the cause of our inability to solve our social problems of poverty, of violence, and of justice.
  Last week, I came across an article published by the Nipawin Journal in which the author, Marvin Wiebe, labeled Richard Klassen a "con artist extraordinaire." Klassen and his family were wrongly accused for sexually abusing children. After the Klassens suffered an ordeal lasting 13 years, Justice George Baynton finally found a malicious conspiracy in their prosecution perpetrated by Saskatoon police superintendent Brian Dueck, crown prosecutor Matthew Miazga, and social worker Carol Bunko-Ruys. Instead of being concerned on how to find remedies to correct our injustice system, Wiebe was preoccupied with how much money Richard Klassen can make out of his settlement and out of his eventual participation in a movie depicting his ordeal.
  Wiebe is the same man who some years ago labeled Joyce Milgaard a "gold digger" when she helped her son David Milgaard get a settlement of $10 million for being wrongly accused of murder and for being wrongly imprisoned for twenty three years. Wiebe has sarcastically stated that while third world derelicts were starving Milgaard was having free board and room at the expense of Canadian taxpayers and making roughly $1,200 per day.
  Some people could observe that Wiebe’s thinking about social justice is an isolated case and therefore not worthwhile of consideration, but I disagree. Last week, I learnt that David Blunket, the Labour Home Secretary in the United Kingdom, is fighting in the courts for the right to charge victims of miscarriages of justice for board and room while they were in prison.
  But changes against this corrupt way of thinking are coming. Social activist Sheila Steele has been addressing the corruption of the Saskatoon police dating back to the late sixties with the Milgaard’s case. Steele hoped that the new chief of police Russel Sabo would be able to do his job and clean up his department. A great cheer for Sheila Steele for her unrelenting work against the malfeasance of the Sakatoon police. A great cheer for Russel Sabo for putting on leave police superintendent Brian Dueck for his malicious investigation against the Klassens. Last Thursday, Russel Sabo needs to be commended for removing from duties deputy police chief Dan Wiks for his shoddy investigation surrounding the death of Neil Stonechild.

Mario deSantis


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