The search for the truth surrounding 9-11 continues


The search for the truth surrounding 9-11 continues

Nipawin - Friday - April 2, 2004 - by: Mario deSantis

"Had I known that the enemy was going to use airplanes to strike America, to attack us, I would have used every resource, every asset, every power of this government to protect the American people."

President George Bush

"President Bush said they had no specific information about September 11, and that's accurate. But there was specific information about use of airplanes, that an attack was on the way two or three months beforehand and that several people were already in the country by May of 2001. They should've alerted the people to the threat we're facing."

Sibel Edmonds, former FBI translator

"She [Sibel Edmonds] is credible, and the reason I feel she's very credible is because people within the FBI have corroborated a lot of her story."

US Senator Charles Grassley

economic &

OPEC oil producers have agreed to a 4% cut of oil production. In the United States the increasing price of oil has triggered a political debate. Presidential candidate John Kerry blames the economic policies of the Bush administration for the rising oil prices, while President George Bush sees the high price of oil as a potential motivation for Kerry to increase taxes. The obsession on dividing economic and social issues one from the other are the main reasons for our inadequacy to find peaceful solutions to social problems.




The Bush administration has sustained an economic recovery based on tax cuts, lowest interest rates, higher credit and no savings. As oil prices increase so the specter of inflation will trigger higher interest rates and the American economy could eventually collapse at the expense of any other economy in the world as well. Let me say that the higher oil prices are mainly caused by the speculated greater demand for oil in the world in the long term and by the devaluation of the American dollar in the short term.




I think I am a reasonable person, and as a reasonable person I canít understand how President Bush can be a disastrous economic policy maker and yet be perceived a great defender of the security and protection of the American people. I contend that the bellicose behaviour of the Bush administration is a reason for America to be despised around the world and I contend that as long as America is despised around the world, so is the security and protection of the American people at risk of terrorism.



better or

I must sadly consider the horrible death of four American contractors in Falluja, Iraq. These people burned to death, their bodies were mutilated, dragged through the streets and hanged from a bridge over the Euphrates River. My question is, did the Bush war liberate Iraq and made the world more secure from terrorism?


I really believe that this Bush administration is insane and maybe purposely neglected the urgency to fight the terrorism posed by Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda. It is a fact, that former counterterrorism coordinator Richard Clarke has stated that

"the Bush Administration saw terrorism policy as important but not urgent, prior to 9-11."

General Henry H. Shelton, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff until October 1, 2001, has stated that in the Bush administration terrorism had moved "farther to the back burner." President Bush himself has stated that he "didn't have that sense of urgency, and my blood was not boiling" over Osama bin Laden.


  National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice will testify under oath before the 9-11 Commission and she will try to clarify her prior public statements while at the same time defending the fictional urgency of the Bush administration in fighting Al Qaeda. The truth is that former House of Representative Cynthia McKinney was right when in early 2002 she suggested that president Bush could have known of the incoming September 11 attacks and yet she was vilified for saying this. Another truth is that former FBI agent John OíNeill will not be able to testify before the 9-11 Commission, OíNeill paid his truth with his life. The search for the truth surrounding 9-11 continues.  

Cynthia McKinney


John O'Neill


Mario deSantis


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