Today's perception of democracy: understanding the economics of whims from the economics of needs

Today's perception of democracy:
understanding the economics of whims from the economics of needs

Prince Albert - Tuesday - October 19, 2004 - by: Mario deSantis

I don't care how eminent the people are, or the groups, this is as bald-faced influence peddling as you are ever going to see anywhere"

Jerome Levinson, law professor at American University in Washington,
commenting on the collusion by the Carlyle Group and the Albright Group
to protect Kuwait’s interests and undermine the cancellation of Iraq’s debt[1]

"[Michael Moore is a] total ass, slimeball... outrageous, his lies about my family"

George W. H. Bush, former CIA Director, former Vice-President,
former President and former Senior Adviser with the Carlyle Group[2]

  President Bush shouts his claim to spread democracy and freedom,[3] but what I am understanding is that he equates democracy to the stock market and freedom to the making of money with the minimal governmental intrusion, except for never ending pre-emptive wars.[4] This world has become a nightmare as the doctrine of the stock market and the gospel of making money have created the bushy language where WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH.[5]
  Last Wednesday, President Bush and Senator Kerry had their last and third debate[6] and political scientists and media gurus have consumed their scientific intelligence to analyze the debate, to conduct opinion polls and to eventually declare the winner. Politics has become a number game, and the debate saw both candidates throwing numbers at each other. I have been saying for sometime now that governments must not be run as a business, and that the ubiquitous number game of political and economics studies is undermining democracy.

Democracy is synonymous with intelligent common sense, however we are being brainwashed as science and new technologies have become additional gospels of the Stock Market. In the godly world of the stock market we have the news that the 2004 Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2004 has been awarded to professors
Finn Kydland and Edward Prescott

"for their contributions to dynamic macroeconomics: the time consistency of economic policy and the driving forces behind business cycles."[7]


Finn E. Kydland

In a few words, these Bank of Sweden Prize winners were able to show that science and new technologies were relevant factors in the boom and bust of the economics of the Stock Market. I mean, is it really a revelation to point out these ‘
discoveries’ when the same Stock Market is guided by practices relying on the predictable instability of the Stock Market by the biggest money players?

I am a common man and I ask why we cannot have policies relying on the predictable stability of the highest possible healthier employment of common citizens. Yes, it is possible to have healthier economic policies and it takes only common sense to realize that our world is driven by the GREED of the Bushes and of the Albrights[8] and of their friends[9] of this world. A relevant discovery is that GREED doesn’t differentiate necessarily between American Republicans and American Democrats, between the Bushes and the Albrights.

Edward Prescott (above)

  Financier and philanthropist George Soros has recently stated that
"when I had made more money than I needed for myself and my family, I set up a foundation to promote the values and principles of a free and open society."[10]
  On the other hand we have the double speakers of this world, the Bushes and the Albrights, who, for example, exploit their webs of political associations to make more consulting money out of the Iraqi debt while claiming to save money for the same Iraqis.[11] In mid December 2000, while I was still very naive, I was writing
"that these people[our leaders] cannot recognize an asset from a hole in the ground,"[12]
  but today I know better: these leaders make their assets deterministically bigger for themselves as they make ever bigger holes in the ground for the rest of us to rest.
  We must regain the ability to think for ourselves, and if we do, we would be able to distinguish between the satisfaction of economic whims from the satisfaction of economic needs, and democracy is nothing else but this progressive understanding in action.

Mario deSantis



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