The Bush&Co. Leadership of Self-Fulfilling Prophecies: the Apocalypse


image of Stephen Harper by REUTERS, and that of George Bush by Evan Vucci of AP

The Bush&Co. Leadership of Self-Fulfilling Prophecies: the Apocalypse

Prince Albert - Wednesday - October 11, 2006 - by: Mario deSantis
  You know an administration by the linguistic company it keeps” Tom Engelhardt [1]

I contend that there is no Free Market [2] and I contend that Bush's Free Market is not synonymous of Democracy since Bush&Co. wage a never ending war to enforce Democracy on other countries [3].(pdf) Also, I contend that every market is regulated and subject to the Rule of Law, but with Bush&Co. that is not the case, in fact Bush&Co. break constitutional laws [4] (pdf) and international laws [5] (pdf) and become a tyranny at home and abroad. With Bush&Co. we have the understanding that Might is Right [6].(pdf)

When our leaders don't respect the Rule of Law, they become tyrannical, they deceive people and they engage in the so-called 'self fulfilling prophecies [7].' As a consequence, we have Bush who in the 2002 State of the Union Address labels Iraq, Iran and North Korea as 'axis of evil' and who subsequently and illegitimately wages a war against Iraq, threatens to do the same against Iran [8] (pdf) [9] (pdf) and possibly even against North Korea [10].(pdf) I am very concerned about the madness of Bush&Co. because his 'self-fulfilling prophecies' of waging ongoing wars against evil are matched by his religious belief in the approaching of the Apocalypse.

I am very disappointed that Prime Minister Stephen Harper has embraced the tyrannical Bush&Co.'s foreign policies. Canada is supposed to help the peaceful reconstruction of Afghanistan and instead Canada has become an accomplice of economic corruption [11] (pdf) and of military devastation [12]. (pdf)

As at today, 40 Canadian soldiers have been killed in combat in Afghanistan. In a recent speech, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has stated “ladies and gentlemen, that is the price of leadership in the world... It is also the price of moving the world forward [13]." (pdf) I have a sarcastic laugh as I am thinking about Harper's abuse of the word leadership [14]. There are many definitions of leadership [15], but Harper's definition is the leadership which takes us to the grave.


Mario deSantis



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Another personal story. I was just reading the article “Designer as Leader, Leader as Designer” at the site when I came upon the definition of leadership by Chinese philosopher Lao-tzu, author of the Tao Te Ching, the bad leader is he who the people despise. The good leader is he who the people praise. The great leader is he who the people say, “We did it ourselves.” Then I recalled an article I wrote in 1999 where I appreciated unconsciously both Lao-tzu's understanding of leadership and Peter Senge's Mental Models. You may read this article at


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