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The Age of Turbulence Caused by the Money Changers

Prince Albert - Monday - September 24, 2007 - by: Mario deSantis

"The money changers have fled from their high seats in the temple of our civilization...The restoration lies in the extent to which we apply social values more noble than mere monetary profit "--Franklin Delano Roosevelt, First Inaugural Address, January 20/1933

"We don't need a strong or a weaker U.S. dollar. What we need is just intelligent common sense"--Mario deSantis, Ensign, July 18, 2002


On Friday (September 21) I learn that the pension fund Calpers, owned by the California state employees, has turned a $175 million of a 5.5 percent stake in Carlyle in 2000 into a paper value of $1.1 billion[1]. Carlyle is a worrisome business[2] and in this age of money making we have unions embedded with predatory businesses. It is consequential to understand that this is a world driven by the money makers, be unions or corporations or bankers or anything else, and not driven by intelligent common people.

This week I have been touched by the slide of the American dollar, the fear of collapse of the US housing boom, of warnings of a world wide financial collapse, of an eventual coming recession in the United States[3]. Former Federal Reserve Board chairman Alan Greenspan states that we are in The Age of Turbulence[4] and yet he was the chief money makers who facilitated this age of turbulence by propping up the financial world with the policy of sometime ridiculous low interest rates[5].

We are indeed in an age of turbulence and we must chase away the money changers from their high seats of civilization and replace them with common sense leaders. Financier Henry Liu has recently stated that " The conventional value paradigm is unable to explain why the market capitalization of all US stocks grew from $5.3 trillion at the end of 1994 to $17.7 trillion at the end of 1999 to $35 trillion at the end of 2006, generating a geometric increase in price earnings ratios and the like. Liquidity analysis provides a ready answer [6]."

Common sense economist Dean Baker has written that "House prices rose at an unprecedented rate over the past dozen years. For a hundred years, from 1895 to 1995, house prices nationwide increased at the same pace as the overall inflation rate. Since 1995 inflation-adjusted house prices have risen by more than 70 percent. It should have been clear to economists that this run-up was being driven by a speculative bubble [7]."

At the same time as the money changers created asset bubbles so they engaged in two losing wars, Iraq and Afghanistan. Now these two phenomena, inflated money and wars, explain, at least for me, the redistribution of wealth of people which has occurred in the last 30 years from the bottom to the top[8], and especially the compensation of the top American CEOs[9][10].

We must learn to understand that we have limits to growth, limits to how much money we can make[11] and there must be NO WAR of choice[12]. In this regard I praise the unrelanted work by columnist Paul Krugman who has made his priority to address the politics and economics of inequality[13], the work of Dean Baker who periodically breakdowns the economic biases of our media financial gurus[14], and the work of Mark Weisbrot and of his staff who address the badly needed just foreign policies for the US government[15].


Mario deSantis



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Just Foreign Policies


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