A Museum Mentality Is Cheating Our Economy:

Healthcare, SHIN and the Synchrotron

By Mario deSantis and reviewed by James deSantis, November 9, 1999

  I have repetitiously stated that the organizational management philosophy of the Saskatchewan
people, knowledge and innovation are the most important ingredients Association of Health Organizations (SAHO) and of Saskatchewan Health were not conducive
to the proper establishment of District Health Boards as per "The Health District Act"(1). Also,
I have always stated that the continuation of a policy direction of computerization based on long
waits(2) and on the implementation of big bang projects such as Stargarden(3) payroll and SHIN(4)
were not compatible with today's changing economy(5) where people, knowledge and innovation are
  the most important ingredients.
  Our Tin Pot socialist and liberal dictators(6) have lost the common sense which is a prerequisite
reactionary administrative policies favouring the rich against the poor for a good leadership. They have lost touch with the people at large, and they continue to cheat us
with their fragmented, reductionist and artificial expertise by mortgaging the future of this province
and their children. Our research intelligence is being manipulated for political reasons(7)(8), our laws
are broken by the same lawmakers(9), and we have reactionary administrative policies favouring the
rich against the poor, urban people against rural people, law and order against justice, and the list
  goes on(10).
  I want you, the reader, ponder about these philosophical directions:
Synchrotron... may take over a decade to attract private-sector clients
-to have a university's vision built on the $173 million Synchrotron: the "...Swiss Army
Knife... of the world letting researchers see things at the molecular level with incredible
precision...(11)" Until now, I thought that a Swiss Army Knife was an economical tool, but the
story doesn't finish here. Russ Huebner, an expert in the commercial applications of researches
undertaken at synchrotrons, observed that it may take over a decade to attract private-sector
s, but he also stated that synchrotrons "...have long lifetimes once they are up and running,
between 30 and 50 years...(12)"
SAHO has now bought one of the most expensive healthcare payroll system in Canada
-after mismanaging healthcare payroll for two decades and after allocating millions of dollars for
the now defunct and secretive Stargarden payroll project, SAHO has now bought one of the most
expensive healthcare payroll system in Canada and maybe in the world. And this is happening in
our supposed Internet Economy characterized by increasing returns and diminishing costs. SAHO
estimates that the implementation of this new centralized payroll system will cut down related
costs by $38 million over 10 years; in the meantime they cheat their users by raising their fees
by 60 %t(13).
  At the last Saskatchewan Medical Association (SMA) Convention, Pat Atkinson, Minister of Health,
planning an economic policy based on confusion has stated: "...Health care is not a museum piece. It is constantly evolving and changing...(14)" She
is right, the only problem with her is that after not listening to the health care people for the last
some eight years(15), she has become a museum piece herself. Our present leaders are cheaters. The
SHIN project was supposed to have savings between $43 and $106 million(16), instead, today we
know that the SHIN project will drain at least $40 million(17) into another hole in the ground(18).
Governmental spin doctor Jim Melenchuck, after giving the finger to the Saskatchewan electorate(19),
wants to put more money into patient care and cut further funding for SHIN. At the same time,
SHIN's Chair, Dr. Allan Miller, is providing a planned and understandable counter policy direction
by stating "...$40 million barely scratches the surface ...as much as another $80 million is required...
we are at a critical point. Those of us on the board are committed to the project. They feel there is
real value..." So, while the Regina Health District is in the hole by millions of dollars and doesn't
have money to fix its aging equipment, and the University of Saskatchewan's college of medicine
loses his fifth specialist and jeopardizes its academic credential(20), we have our leaders making
the hard decision to fund or not to fund SHIN. This is the way our politicians and leaders cheat
the taxpayers, by planning an economic policy based on confusion and where decisions always
deal with the dichotomy of black and white, yes and no, SHIN or not SHIN. And no matter the
decisions taken, the winners are always the same people, our privileged oligarchy(21). This is not a
  fair game for the ordinary people of Saskatchewan.
  Our Provincial Auditor, Wayne Strelioff, in reviewing the SHIN project, made many
  recommendations and statements including the following(22):
-"...linking the SHIN project directly to the health reform goals in the Department's strategic
plan and annual report..."
-"...documenting the performance indicators they will use to measure what the project has
-"...preparing an in-depth cost benefit analyses for the project prior to the detailed design of
-"...Health doesn't have a long-term strategic plan published in one document. The Saskatchewan
Vision for Health Document includes health reform goals and strategies. However, Health does
not include the SHIN project as a strategy in this document..."
SHIN's strategy, if any, was just a paper strategy The Provincial Auditor, the most accountable servant of the people of Saskatchewan(23), has been
cheated by both the Saskatchewan Association of Health Organizations and by Saskatchewan
Health. He did not know that the Saskatchewan Vision for Health was just a paper vision(24),
and that the SHIN's strategy, if any, was just a paper strategy(25).


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