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Tisdale forward steps
Monday, November 6, 2017
by: Timothy W. Shire
Since our last posting in June a lot of things have happened in Tisdale and we’ll give you a sample of some of the developments.

The new food store looks to be in the final interior touches preparing to stock up the shelves and open the doors for business. Since this is a British Columbia based business we expect to see some variety from what is the usual fair format the Co-op and Loblaw affiliates.
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Without its signage the new Tim Hortons looks to be nearly complete with even some landscaping in place.

Tim Hortons is an interesting mix in Tisdale’s choice of businesses. Its main competitor of course will be Robins Donuts about a hundred meters away, however in the past we have seen that competition only makes things better as A&W, Subway and Dairy Queen have all found solid markets and continue to flourish.
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In the picture above is the way things look at Tisdale’s new Beeland Co-op. The whole parking lot has been fenced off and digging has begun. This project is not expected to be completed until 2019.

Sobers Liquor store is looking pretty much finished with work progressing on the completion of the interior.
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2017 has not been a red hot housing construction year but there have been about five new projects. Many like the one above and on the right are replacement homes in already developed neighbourhoods so they are less obvious then like the sprawling house on the new development west of the airport.

Though a few new businesses have opened their doors we have to report that a couple important ones have closed up. The Falkon Theatre and Calista’s restaurant both have shut down and that is a loss for the community.
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The former SARCAN location has been taken over by a new print shop, Ultratech Printing which is open for business Thursdays and Fridays.

Downtown a new grain and commodities trading company is now operating.

Commerce seems to be steaming along and Tisdale remains a growing viable community.