FTLComm - Tisdale - Friday, July 13, 2001
A week ago today we showed you this project as it was getting underway. When I looked it over and saw the stacks of brick pallets, the packer and Bobcat I just assumed that this project was being undertaken by a contractor. I was wrong.

Mr. and Mrs. Carpentier, who moved from their farm near Zenon Park last year had done a lot of research into driveways and brick laying and then they went to some experts and checked out the things they would need and got some advise on the colour for the bricks. They then went to Chupa Excavations and had the work area dug down and replaced the fill with about twenty yards of gravel.

Mr. Carpentier then rented a Bobcat and smoothed out the new gravel and with a rented packer jammed the material down to a hardened surface.

It has been only a week but the job is done, each brick of nearly ten pallets has been carefully placed and now all that remains is sweeping some fine sand over the stonework and applying a vibrator to shake down the sand and even out the bricks.

Our hats off to this couple who have taken the principles of do-it-yourself projects to the extreme with this outstanding and thorough job. Congratulations!