Princeton, Ontario - Sunday, February 23, 2003 - by: Rebecca Gingrich




I am happy that someone has brought this story (Back into the tar pit) to the fore again--and at a most opportune moment. Indeed it is slime oozing from a cesspool--and it is up to Canadians to keep stories like this on the front pages.


I wonder where the unions are when stories like this surface---you would think this would be first and foremost in their minds with the likelihood of this Scrooge becoming the next Prime Minister. I read about this when it first happened and the story had a very short shelf life.
  The odours keep swirling around this man and the sleaze and corruption from the Liberals will be, if anything, magnified, when he (Paul Martin) becomes Prime Minister.


Martin was Finance Minister when;

  • the sponsorship scandal,
  • the hiding of the gun registry cost overrun and hiding this fact from Parliament (is this a democratic deficit that Martin is so concerned with?),
  • the cutback in Healthcare funding,
  • the decimation of the Military and the stalling of thepurchase of the replacement for the Sea King Helicopters occurred.


He has consistently voted with his government to the detriment of Canada. If anything he is worse than Chretien because he is more adept at slithering out from under the sleaze.


  Can Canadians be smoothtalked into voting for this evil again???


Rebecca Gingrich

  Smith, Jeff, Back into the tar pit, February 21, 2003, Ensign



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