Darrel Stinson, Myron Thompson and Stephen Harper


Reform to betray Harper's
"no hard feelings"

Hamilton, Ontario, - Monday, May 17, 2004 by : Rob Shanahan




Hard core Conservative leader Harper has been Sunday joy riding over the past month.  His game plan:
“let Liberals bear the brunt from their scandals. We’ll bide our time, wait with cradled arms for peeved-off Liberals.” 


The Reform-Conservatives’ only major chore is keeping Alberta rednecks at bay. The Party masterfully curbed MP Darrel Stinson from his frowning invites — to a bare-knuckled bruising. Conservatives cagily muzzled Myron Thompson, their ten-gallon-hatted Hoss Cartwright, and brother yahoos.


The CEOs’ "toe the line," neoCon job: "Play ball, boys. We’re only weeks from an election. Conservatives stand to bag a minority government. Once the people have spoken, we can trot out our Reform colors -- private health choice, pro-business welfare, a combat-destined Canadian Armed Forces, our old-time (Christian!) religion --all neatly dovetailing with Reform 3’s ultra Right doxy. So fall in, boys!"




The blushing crimp in neoCon’s campaign game will be unscripted riding forums. Liberals will shotgun Western Conservatives’ soft underbelly — their deep-rooted intolerance. Some Reformers will bull the Liberal’s red cape. With the press circling, we'll see blue exposure surges.  -- Pronto, grand duke Harper will gallop out to guard his charade. 


Conservatives fatal flaw: the party can purge the Progressive name and culture, but it will never wash Reform’s Flintstones from neoCon’s hybrid graft. (Not while diehard Albertans keep recycling ‘em.)


All this Alberta Reform spectacle should give Martin’s chosen ones a cozy ride.  Moderate, social justice - embracing Canadians will recoup their Liberal confidence. The big losers: centrist Progressive Canadians, craving an alternative. These enlightened voters pine for a viable humanitarian recourse to the Liberal’s promiscuous dynasty. Pitifully, by his fast, PC sell-out, Deputy MacKay short-changed (-shrifted) cultured “PC” Canadians. Come June, when the Western Prairie dust settles around him, mercenary MacKay will repay his mad, mortal myopia.

Rob Shanahan

  Mueller, Bernd, Peter MacKay met by angry protesters in Mississauga, May 14, 2004, Joe Hueglin's Daily Digest
  Stinson, Darrel, Quotes from Darrel Stinson, as seen on the web May 17, 2004, Rogues Gallery


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