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Olympics because of the love of sport

Tisdale - Tuesday, February 16, 2010- by: Ken Styan

Obviously you feel the Olympics are very commercial and a form of a worldly bullying competition, (Bah, Olympic humbug, Ensign, February 10th) and perhaps fixed in some aspects. Can't say I totally disagree with you; as, I must admit there was some merit in your interpretation of the event.

That being said; rather than coming on in such a Scrooge like nature; couldn't you a least made some reference to the hopes, dreams, aspirations and dedication of the athletes; regardless of what country they represent.

In previous writings by you, you have related some of your experiences with coaching and training young people in their athletics. Forget the political , commercial and other B.S. surrounding this event; give the young athletes their proper due!

The athletes are (I would hope) not involved in all the hoopla. They are there because of their love of the sport/sports.

Images: Top of the page CTV opening ceremony, Canada's first gold medalist Alexandre Bilodeau and today's gold medalist Maelle Ricker all images from CTV
  Below is what Kevin McIntyre had to say about the Olympics:

Driving yet another city deeply into debt and you can bet that CTV will give us 20 hours a day of Hockey, curling and figure skating. good thing we have NBC to watch instead. Lighting of The Torch! Click your heels together and say Sig heil for Das Fuhrer will be pleased his propaganda tool has lasted far beyond the borders of the Third Reich. Or did you believe the torch relay actually has any connection to ancient Greek tradition? Herr Goebels did his job very well indeed didn't he?

(BBC: The Olympic torch's shadowy past)

Reading one of the British papers last week, "OMG, Global Warming - there is NO SNOW in Vancouver!!!". No, there isn't. Whatever made you think Vancouver EVER has snow?

But then I guess there are those who think curling is important enough to watch for three weeks straight only to be interrupted by the odd game of hockey.

Bah - Humbug! :)


Editor's note: Today's Ensign was delayed in posting because the editor was glued to the TV watching the Olympics.  Check out the Wall Street Journal's article: Vancouver feels heat p outside and in.

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