St. Peter's College, Muenster

FTLComm - Muuenster - Thursday, August 17, 2006

For those folks who think of Saskatchewan as some monolithic vast empty prairie I thought i might be illuminating to call attentiion to just one of Saskatchewan's rural colleges.

The monastery of St. Peter's was established 103 years ago and continues to thrive to this day. Around this institution developed a very special kind of community including the remarkable St. Peter's Cathedral featured here this past Sunday. To put it all in context there is a neat web site about the community.


When we drove over to Muenter to check out the Cathedral we drifted over to the Abby and College and were overwhelmed by the beauty and tranquility of the environment. The college and its remarkable facilities are both traditional and modern and placed in the setting of a magnificent farm operated by the monastery. The brothers are not just a bunch of farmers but have grown with the word and one of their remarkable projects is their Creativity in Techology programme which involves expert development of information technology.

St. Peter's College is a complete post secondary insititution that offers an outstanding and varied programme. One of the advantages of an education in a college like this one or Notre Dame at Wilcox is the setting allows the student to focus exclusively on their academic and education programme without the distractions and difficulties associated with urban life.

Associated with the college is the Centre for Rural Studies and Enrichment which is forging ahead with projects and reesearch that badly needs to be done.

One of the amazing components of this remarkable community is its literary development. They have one of the most extensive and well maintained archival libraries in the province and the Prairie Messenger is one of the country's significant religious papers.

One of my goals in the years to come is to make this the first story in Ensign about St. Peter's College, next time I want to dig in a little deeper.



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