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FTLComm - Melfort - January 20, 1999
The agricultural industry has been faced with a series of difficult problems in the last half of this century with the absurd situation where the Federal Government actually paid farmers not to grow a crop to years of drought, years of over production and years of bounty often accompanied by low prices. Faced with these varations and wanted to live on their land and make a profit from agriculture farmers have turned to various alternatives both in terms of the crops they crow and the livestock they raise. The two most successful diversification programmes relate to native animals to this part of the world now domesticated and raised on farms are bison (buffalo) and elk (Wapati). Neil and Pat Perkins farm is located North of highway #3 just East of Melfort and in the field North of their farm yard are three pastures of Elk. They have segregated them into various types with the younger ones closest to the farm yard. These pictures were taken late Tuesday afternoon of the members of the herd who were as curious about the photographer as the photographer was about them.