FTLComm - Star City - May 29, 1999
Earlier we showed you some pictures of the Perkins Elk herd just West of Star City. Now these animals have developed their antlers for the year and as you can see they are in the fuzzy velvet stage. It will be almost a month before the horns will be removed and processed into remedies that are reported to have a wide range of medicinal properties. Interestingly enough this material is often combined with ginseng producing a wider range of affects, apparently some believe that the two compounds compliment or enhance each other.

These are really cautious and at the same time somewhat curious animals. As I took these pictures I noticed that when this group, who had been laying down until I came stocking them, got up on their feet, another bunch a full half mile away also rose to their feet, just as a precautionary measure. As you can see some have already shed their heavy winter coats while others are looking a bit scruffy as they go through the process of putting on a lighter fur coat for the summer months.