Tisdale forms Immigration Committee

FTLComm - Tisdale - Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Not only is immigration important to Tisdale it is important to Canada as a whole for indeed we are all a nation of immigrants. At one time or another all of our ancestors came to this country hoping to make a good life for themselves and their children's grandchildren. I always remind myself of this fact because I am now a grandfather and my grandfather took the big chance to be a Canadian in the spring of 1912. For me he made the right choice had he waited until June and got on the Titanic someone else would have to write this story.

The bold move by Northern Steel to bring workers to Tisdale from the Ukrane is in keeping with this part of Canada which was originally settle by people from that part of the world a full century ago. Everyone in Tisdale wants the newcomers to be happy and have the great lives that can be had in a country like ours with so much to offer. But there are problems which I mentioned June 2 when I pointed out that few of the families have been allowed to join their spouses here in Tisdale.

Though our politicians have all gone to bat trying to encourage some sense to the Immigration Canada bureaucrats in Ottawa nothing has been able to jolt them into action.

We don't want to lose these people who are now part of us, they are no longer new comers they are Tisdale people with their families missing on the other side of the ocean and that is why a new committee has been struck (pdf) to provide a total package of support and integration for each worker and his family. It is hoped that this support committee will offer a convincing argument for immigration officials to get the rest of our people here.



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