Deckidy Do Dah

FTLComm - Tisdale - Wednesday, August 7, 2002

After talking about decks in the
front yard it has made me somewhat curious about what is happening in the back yard. All of the examples on this page are a year or less old homes and each owner has taken a practical approach to outdoor living.

The first one (above) is pretty much the fashion with its railing and vertical uprights as many of the new homes are following this pattern. In this case the deck is close to the ground and this simple deck seems just right right.

This house (right) which is less only a few months old has taken quite a different approach the owner has already made an addition to the house with which is essentially what used to be called a "summer kitchen" This windowed and screened area offers protection from the sun and wind but allows for a sort of semi-outdoor sitting room.

Both of these homes (above and below) had quite a different challenge to deal with. The door to the outside is well above the ground below. In fact the house above which was built last summer has loads of living space on its lower floor which is only a few feet into the ground but that in turn produces what at first looked to me like the "French connection". The many levels of deck from the patio up to the back door reminded me of the structures one sees in movies of the French revolution with a guillotine mounted on the top level. My fantasy aside this problem meant that the owner had to workout a sensible way of making living space on a variety of levels and this is an interesting attempt.

This house also has that same high back door problem but is more modest in addressing the issue with only two levels of deck, a small upper deck and a large railed in lower deck.

Finding the right way to organise your outdoor living to suit your family's needs and the activities that go on around your household is a challenge, one that we need to address and watch with interest.

Timothy W. Shire