Tisdale Superannuates Travel to Marysburg
Humboldt - Wednesday, June 29, 2011 by: Darlene McCullough
On Saturday afternoon, June 25, a group of twenty-four left Tisdale for Humboldt where they first stopped for a delicious meal at the Bella Vista Restaurant. Then it was on to Marysburg, which is about ten miles out of Humboldt , to view the Assumption Church built in 1920. The church is an outstanding example of early Saskatchewan architecture. It features exquisite stained glass windows, and fabulous paintings by Berthold Imhoff. It is also blessed with a Steinway grand piano with acoustics to enhance its capabilities.


Then came the highlight of the evening - the Saskatoon Children's Choir Concert. The choir consists of forty-four members and its artistic director Phoebe Voigts. This choir has been the recipient of many awards but the  highlight was during their 2009  trip to Vienna, Austria where they were awarded two first prizes - one in the category of treble choirs and one as the best choir of the Summa Cum Laude Festival.  The choir is currently preparing for their latest project "Sing Africa" where they are combining a July 2011 performance tour of South Africa with a humanitarian project focused on school children. The choristers are assembling school supply kits for use by African children who need them. Judging by the performance of their "Sing Africa" concert, they are sure to wow the South African audiences.
This concert was one of a series of four concerts in the summer series of the
Marysburg Arts Council put on to raise funds for the restoration of Assumption Church.


This outing completes the activities of the
Tisdale Chapter of Superannuated Teachers who have experienced another busy year. Last August on the first day of classes for students, these retirees enjoyed their annual To Hell with the Bell  breakfast at Riverside Golf Course Lounge. In September they were off to Fisherman's Cove restaurant at Greenwater Lake and then on to tour the museum at Porcupine Plain.  In October, the provincial president, Margaret Martin was the guest speaker at a pot luck lunch. In November it was time for "High Tea" at Adelle's Tea House and Treasures in Carrot River. This business is owned and operated by chapter member Audrey Adelman. Chapter members also did the judging of the entries in the Legion Remembrance Day contests. December found them off to join the Melfort and Area Chapter to enjoy a turkey dinner and fellowship. They also prepared and served lunch for the Sasko Park Birthday Tea in December.
January highlight was a slide show by Darlene McCullough of her images captured when she was on tour in western Europe last July and Bob Donnan's demonstration of the eReader that he had received as a Christmas gift. In February it was lunch at Gus' Greek Ribs and the preparing and serving lunch at New Market Manor birthday tea.

In March
Bob Donnan and Darlene McCullough gave a presentation on Digital Photography and the group made their annual donations to the Aid to Central America Committee where their money is used for buying materials for the building and furnishing of a school in La Loma. In April resolutions to be voted on at the Annual General Meeting were discussed and donations were made to the TMSS Scholarship Fund. In May our delegates to the Annual General Meeting, Ellen Lloyd, Deanna Gruending and Darlene McCullough reported on the AGM.  They also prepared and served lunch for the May birthday tea at New Market Manor. As in past years, the group also collected stamps.
Elections were held and
Bob Donnan was elected as President, Deanna Gruending as Vice- President and Darlene McCullough as Secretary-Treasurer for the 2011 - 2012 year.